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NBA 2K18 is an upcoming association basketball simulation video game published by 2K Sports.

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Revelation Online civilian players a way to make money fast

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Ordinary day oracle if top-up the early game, what is really not kui, small make up the answer is, ignoring the mount box, wing box, box various activities, and basic break even dyeing box open, local tyrants words can also small earn more.Mainland appearance but cloud hanging a eternal topic.A golden dye, can let you earn money, ordinary dye system under the condition of in today’s home, also is very good sell.

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About two days to upgrade to level 40, online everyday do welcome (low cloud currency), every Tuesday and Saturday, the demon amusement park.

The trumpet of course is the most simple and efficient way to make money.Use of cloud hanging points to buy three point card every week, two bomb card, gravity card, a card three times.Not surprisingly, a small can get 15 not binding amusement award volumes, 15 godhead box.To open two weeks or so price amusement award 1300 gods 1300, a small week is about 15 w.

Godhead as before and after the game is the perfect way to force ascension, belong to one of the things will never depreciate.

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Local tyrants and novices to life skills, most of them will not go to run reputation, they can walk the auction house directly.

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Small make up recommend focus on: quenching stone, the godhead, dye.

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NBA 2K17 & U4NBA: Exclusive Tips And Tricks Revealed


What is U4NBA? actually, U4NBA is an online store sells NBA 2K17 coins like NBA 2K17 MT PC, currently, with the help of its help center, exclusive tips as well as tricks were also rolled out. In addition to this, for NBA 2K17 players, U4NBA is a virtual shop, it can provide those players with enough cheap MT, more conveniently and quickly. For the help section of online store, regarding NBA 2K17 and online trading, it now has the answers to most commonly asked questions, according to the owners, almost all the possible queries related to 2K17 are answered precisely on their website now.


U4NBA.com answers questions related to standard turnaround for each order received, the requisites for placing an order, security precautions, refund policy and a lot of other things that might attract their prospective buyers, or NBA MT players and fans all around. The owners claimed that customers who have a query may get in touch with their live chat support team. Also, customers have this option of getting in touch with their customer support team by contacting them on Skype.

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U4NBA aims to double the fun and excitement of playing the much popular basketball themed game NBA 2K17, which is officially the most popular NBA game at this moment. In a bid to attract more people to the MMO, the e-store comes up with sizzling offers and discounts at regular intervals and more cheap NBA 2K17 MT. The owners informed that around Boxing Day and other special occasions, they offer small and large discounts on NBA MT. They said that celebrity attractions and other special offers attract a lot of people to the game, which has massive multiplayer gaming options.

NBA 2K17 Launch Date And Snoop Concert & After Dark Mode


On November 26, a new feature of NBA 2K17 was added. For the new After Dark mode, in one-on-one up to three-on-three pick-up games, it will allow players to take MyPlayer to virtual courts against other players. If you want to join any of the games, for the MyPlayer, they needs to wait for other players to play with.


2K Sports released a new trailer for the NBA 2K17 MyPark: After Dark mode which transforms the normal MyPark mode into a virtual party with special effects, DJ, and a happy crowd. Famous rapper Snoop Dogg also performed a live concert under the alias Snoopdelic to launch the new game mode.

Snoop Dogg was quoted saying: “As the world’s greatest NBA 2K17 player, it’s only right that I get to Snoopify the Park After Dark. I’m going to set off the park with a SNOOPADELIC set that’s going to have house parties around the globe JUMPING OFF.”

The NBA 2K17 MyPark: After Dark mode features a dunk contest and a three-point shooting competition apart from the Mountain Dew 3x Tournament that allows players to win a cash prize. The same tournament was featured in the Pro Am series during the NBA 2K16.

The MyPark feature has been the most entertaining for players for many years. There is now a new automated system which has leveled the field for amateurs but increased the waiting time to find matches. Nevertheless, it ensures that similarly skilled players will be paired.

In fact, there is no doubt that it’s a wildly festive experience, at the same time, it would be presumably stimulate some fans who don’t normally play NBA 2K17 MyPark. Nonetheless, usually, I’m not a MyPark player. After dark just to witness this for myself, I will stop to witness it.

NBA 2K17 MyTeam Update: Big Men Pack With New Player Cards


Recently, official NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter account released NBA 2K17 MyTeam update which called “Big Men” Pack. The “Big Men” pack features some of the best centers ever and is now available in MyTEAM. So far, MyTeam official has confirmed that there are at least 16 new player cards that have been released in the NBA 2K17 MyTeam update.

The unveiling process is interesting and exciting. The official NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter page asked for 25 RTs before it began to unveil them. For a couple of seconds, those 25 RTs were easily accomplished and the first set of Big Men Pack Emerald Cards were revealed.

Emerald Player Cards


The Big Men Emerald Player Cards include Shaw Bradley with 83 overall rating, Dikembe Mutombo with 83 overall rating, Manute Bol with 83 overall rating, and Marcin Gortat with 80 overall rating. The NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter page took it up a notch by requesting more RTs for the Big Men Pack Sapphire Cards. They asked for 150 RTs which were, again, accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Sapphire Player Cards


The Big Men Sapphire Player Cards include Artis Gilmore with 85 overall rating, Robert Parish with 85 overall rating, and Vlade Divac with 85 overall rating. The NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter page did not stop there. They were willing to reveal the Big Men Ruby Cards if they get Retweeted 300 times. NBA 2K fans did so and in a few minutes, the required RTs were done.


The Big Men Ruby Player Cards only include two athletes Bill Walton with 88 overall rating, and Hakeem Olajuwon with 89 overall rating. Like the previous posts, the NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter page asked for another 500 RTs to reveal multiple Big Men Amethyst Cards. Again, NBA 2K fans managed to reach the said RTs.

Amethyst Player Cards


The Big Men Amethyst Player Cards include Wilt Chamberlain with 92 overall rating, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 92 overall rating, and Bob Lanier with 91 overall rating. What caught the attention of NBA 2K fans was the fact that there will be multiple Amethyst Cards for the Big Men Pack.

Diamond Reward Card And Collection Rewards


Lastly, the NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter page asked for 1,000 RTs for the Big Men Special Diamond Reward Card and the request was accomplished at once. The Big Men Collection Reward Cards include Special Diamond Reward Card Patrick Ewing with a staggering 95 overall rating, Hakeem Olajuwon with 89 overall rating, Dikembe Mutombo with 83 overall rating and Wilt Chamberlain with 92 overall rating.

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NBA 2K17 Update & Recreate Players: Custom Jumpshots Without Purchasing

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - MAY 12: LaMarcus Aldridge #12 of the San Antonio Spurs pauses as he watches game action against the Oklahoma City Thunder  during the second half of Game Six of the Western Conference Semifinals during the 2016 NBA Playoffs at the Chesapeake Energy Arena on May 12, 2016 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images)

How to creat an real NBA player? if you are curious about the question, including all players or fans, in fact, you can simply recreate them. By allowing users to explore the stats as well as even the custom jumpshots for that particular NBA player. For some avid players, they have been busying buying NBA 2K17 MT via visit various official websites.


For those who haven’t tried it with the previous entries in the “NBA 2K” franchise, this can be accomplished by going through almost the same method. In “NBA 2K17,” in order to create or recreate a particular NBA player, the user needs to go to options then select “Create Roster.” From here, the user can simply select the official 2K sports roster. Be reminded that cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.

With the next screen, users will be seeing a list of all the players in-game out of the box. The users will have access to the any NBA players stats and attributes. This will cover the vitals, body, gear, accessories, tendencies, hot zones, signatures and even contract and badges.

The shots that are exclusive with the particular player being edited will be available as it is. There’s no need to make any extra purchase to buy any user-created dunk. Through this, the user would be able to simply modify the player and create it as their own.

The example shown above, courtesy of YouTuber RickyRose, shows a simple guide on how to actually get figures from the Signature Jump Shot for easy recreation. The example used is Richardson and with his signature jump shot stats.

Apart from signature jumpshots, it’s worth nothing that other moves and stats can also be carried over to an entirely new player to be created. Even if it may not sound much, but, it makes the copying and fine-tuning easier for those who have been used to a certain NBA player in “NBA 2K17,” on top of that, to create their own avatars, Be sure to focus on more NBA 2K17 tricks and guides. More importantly, by buying NBA 2K17 MT PS4, then you can experience so fun gameplay.

NBA 2K17 Player Explained: The Game Added Steve Nash


It’s safe to say that NBA 2K17 is the most interesting titles of this year, what’s more, now that NBA 2K17 is doing a great job keeping the momentum. Just recently, a new policy was released by the studio, what this bascially means is that trample down cheaters. Futhermore, the game have brought a legend, there is no doubt that it’s quite familiar and popular, however, it’s no other than the great Steve Nash. Players can easy experience gaming with the help of NBA 2K17 MT PC.


In the official support page of 2K Games, NBA 2K17 will now offer a brand new policy. It’s called Player Fairness Policy. The studio iterated that they take every NBA 2K games “seriously,” thus anyone who goes beyond that will be reprimanded. The video game company also explained that cheaters, being able to gain “unfair advantage,” only degrades the overall quality of the game. That it even diminishes the gameplay experience of other players, so to speak. In a nutshell, good gaming experience, you also need to buy NBA 2K17 MT.

In hopes to rival this ongoing issue in NBA 2K17, the studio resorted to implementing the aforementioned policy. From now on, the devs will be actively monitoring every abuse and/or exploitations out there. And, god forbid, if a player is caught cheating, he could either be banned for a week or permanently.

The new NBA 2K17 policy covers various things. For instance, players who are fond of using unapproved VCs (virtual currencies). Or perhaps, they’re into using multiple hacks and cheats just to gain leverage. Players who’re also guilty of using bots will be reprimanded.

For NBA 2K17 news, according to 2K Games, it has introduced the former Dallas Mavericks as well as Phoenix Suns superstar Steve Nash to the game. Moreover, regarding its the legendary players, it was added to the 02-03 and 04-05 for the Mavs and Suns rosters. Notably, for both of the teams that last year’s title,including Nash, hence, he was listed among the free agents. With NBA 2K17 was launched for a while, it’s no wonder that cheap NBA 2K17 MT for online.

NBA 2K17 New Patch 1.05 Is Expected To Be Released Soon

NBA 2K17

The new titular basketball simulation video game, NBA 2K17 has brought its fans to a whole new level, offering a number of never before seen features. However, regardless of its popularity, it still suffers from bugs and issues after the releasing of the latest 1.04 patch. Fortunately, the 5th update of the “NBA 2K17” will be released soon.

2K Sports is about to release the 5th update of the “NBA 2K17” in just a few weeks. The “NBA 2K17” patch 1.05 will address the Pro-Am divergences along with a couple of gameplay updates and fixes.

As per the Ecumenical reported, 2K Sports announced that there will an “NBA 2K17” patch 1.05 coming. The new “NBA 2K17” patch will focus on some issues of the Pro-Am feature along with roster update problems.

NBA 2K17

Obviously, “NBA 2k17” is considered to be the most accurate basketball video game in the industry. It’s no surprise that millions of players bought the game and was able to see every inch of the game.

2K Sports admitted that there are numerous sides of the game that needs to be fixed along the process that keeps them to edge of their seat and continue to sort things out. Glitches and bugs are known in every corner of the “NBA 2K17”, fortunately, 2K Sports were able to address them bit by bit.

Over on Twitter, the game’s developers recently shared that an issue currently affecting the game is preventing the implementation of roster updates.

Accurate team rosters are obviously sought after by those playing “NBA 2K17.”

A big part of the game’s appeal is how accurately it recreates the actual NBA, and having up-to-date rosters is necessary for that. The good news here is that a patch fixing the roster bug is coming soon, according to the developers.

The “NBA 2K17” was highly praised not only for its graphic presentation but most especially on its gameplay. AI-controlled team is now smarter at the defensive end and now giving the players a hard time and use every aspect of the game.

Beyond the roster fix, the upcoming patch is also expected to address issues with the game’s Pro-Am mode.

On the other hand, the Gamer’s Drop reported that a new “NBA 2K17” locker codes promo is about to release. It was announced by the 2K Sports spokesperson Ronnie2K via twitter that they will be releasing a new set of “NBA 2K17” locker codes. Ronnie2K mentioned that they are requesting players to tweet other players to ask them to release the codes.

The upcoming “NBA 2K17” patch 1.05 hasn’t announced its release yet, but players are not expecting a lot of changes, fixes and updates as soon as the new patch dropped. Though players are sending a lot of complaints to 2K Sports, still they find themselves playing the game due to its amazing gameplay.

Be sure to stay tuned for more “NBA 2K17” news, tips, and guides.

Revelation Online turns into a date for the first closed beta test

The first closed beta test for upcoming MMORPG Revelation Online will commence Tuesday October 25th and run till November 8th.

The upcoming closed beta from my.com “may have several stages. The first stage is much more a ‘technical test’ as the purpose on the beta is to test Revelation Online’s core systems for example server infrastructure, client distribution system, login services plus much more to ensure that our core systems are operational, fully functional and in a position to withstand the tension of many players all logging into your game simultaneously. As a result, you could encounter localization issues, including Chinese or Russian texts.”

During this first stage on the closed beta you will be capable to level to 49, access 10v10 battlegrounds, the Hot Springs zone, and four dungeons with assorted difficulty levels. Those that are most active throughout this first stage on the beta can get to receive rewards because of their help localizing the experience.

Those that have purchased a founder’s pack could have guaranteed entry to the beta, however, if you like contests more it is possible to head to my.com’s Instant Win Contest on Facebook the chance to get a beta key.

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