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to create a effective character name

As far as we know, the Guild Wars 2 rewards can be obtained owe to the greatest achievements and honors collected by most characters on your Guild Wars account. They have to be accumulated in the Hall of Monuments, where it became a suitable place named Guild Wars: Eye of the North. While majority of players are familiar with the Hall of Monuments, which is considered to be in pivotal position for your unique characters. Thanks to the Hall of Monuments reward calculator, you are able to explore the quickest way to accomplish objectives. It just depends on the basis rewards that must be unlocked. All you have to do is to create a effective character name from your Guild Wars account!

As a reward calculator of Hall of Monuments, you will gain more opportunities to know about whatever rewards as you desire in Guild Wars. On one hand, the Hall can demonstrate your rewards in Eye of the North, as well as Guild Wars 2 honors and Guild Wars 2 credits. On the other hand, it is worthwhile to figure out your Guild Wars 2 characters on the base of special titles, as well as gears and miniatures in the Hall of Monuments. Even special weapons and armor pieces are regarded as a good result of character’s accomplishments in the visual game.

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World of Warcraft gold earning Strategy


We write this article as a helper to anyone who plays World of Warcraft and help you look for a World of Warcraft strategy guide. You’ll find inside numerous tips, tricks and strategy advice designed to help you get through the levels faster, get gold faster and ultimately enjoy and gain more satisfaction from the game.

First of all, here’s a brief rundown of World of Warcraft (also known as WoW): World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment’s 4th game in series, is played by millions of people world wide. It is what is known as a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG).Released on November 23, 2004, it takes place 4 years after the setting of Warcraft III, and is set in the world of Azeroth. You’ll find that your reward in the game is wow gold, experience, items and reputation, which in turn all allow you to increase your skill and power.

One of the things that you may have come to this site for is to look for a solid World of Warcraft strategy to level-up your character. You can level up your character from level 1 to 60 and even level 70 if you’ve got the Burning Crusade expansion. (Note: There is a Wrath of the Lich King expansion if you want to level up to 80 even level to 85).That’s one of the places where this website comes in handy. You’ll find out many secrets to wow powerleveling up your character here, plus review the best World of Warcraft strategy guides so that you can learn from the masters! Here’s a great all round guide if you are looking for the best of both worlds (leveling guide and gold guide in one):It’s a fantastic site that has a massive members area containing extremely up to date information on everything to do with leveling from 1 to 85, plus a comprehensive wow gold guide.


Hall of Monuments Reward your Guild Wars 2 characters

In the Hall of Monuments, a revered chamber in the Far Shiverpeaks, trophies and tapestries celebrate the victories and achievements of heroes. 250 years in the future, the glory of your previous deeds still shines through the ages. you can see what rewards your Guild Wars 2 characters will inherit from your Guild Wars account!
Guild Wars 2 rewards are based on the achievements and honors accumulated by all the characters on your Guild Wars account. These are collected in the Hall of Monuments, which is available in Guild Wars: Eye of the North. As many Guild Wars players know, the Hall of Monuments is an instanced location, a massive trophy vault that is personalized to your characters. The Hall commemorates your achievements in Eye of the North, the original Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, and Guild Wars Nightfall. The monuments in the Hall are worth points that you can use to provide your Guild Wars 2 characters with exclusive titles, companions, and items.

Now you can use the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator to understand how the benefits are calculated on guild wars gold, determine what rewards you’ve unlocked, and discover what other items will be available when Guild Wars 2 launches. You just have to enter a valid character name from your Guild Wars account to get started!
The rewards that your Guild Wars 2 characters earn are exclusive to the Hall of Monuments and can’t be picked up or earned anywhere else. Depending on your Guild Wars gold characters’ history, you can unlock:
• Special Hall of Monuments titles
• Animal companions for your ranger, like the Black Widow Spider and Rainbow Jellyfish
• Miniatures such as the Red Servitor Golem or Orange Tabby Cat, that any profession can use
• A wide selection of weapons, like the Living Shortbow and the Fellblade
• Armor pieces for your light, medium, and heavy armor sets
Your new Guild Wars 2 characters will be able to use these low-level items and armor right away, and we’ll provide you with the means to use these special items as you advance to higher levels.

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Play runescape is a column in which the Massively staff members kick back Play runescape is a column in which the Massively staff members kick back

Despite all of my gushings, I really want to come back to the details in the game. Those details are still the main reason I come back week after week and why I buy my subscription cards in three month intervals. The world feels alive, even more so than many of the client-based heavy hitters like RIFT or World of Warcraft. NPCs come and go, many of them each handing out unique quests. There is more movement and life in a typical village in RuneScape than I often find in many MMOs that feature static, statue-like NPCs.

Don’t get me wrong, if you burn your way through levels and play several hours a night you might just start to see the threads in RuneScape’s gold tapestry. That’s bound to happen with any MMO. To me, someone who often needs a world that offers what seems like endless opportunities just to relax or many different types of adventure, RuneScape is it. It’s dependable and comfortable. My advice would be to forget the levels. After all, in this sandbox you can chase levels the entire time you play and never hit them all. Work on a little fletching here, maybe some cooking there. Take a moment and go see an area you haven’t been to yet. Train up agility, or even just spend an evening on a roleplay server working on your character’s story.

There’s an MMO born every day, and every game is someone’s favorite. Why I Play runescape powerleveling is a column in which the Massively staff members kick back and reminisce about all their favorite MMOs. Whether it’s the new hotness or an old fan favorite loaded with nostalgia, each title we cover here tugs at our heartstrings and keeps us coming back for more.

Human Avatar Stage: Piercings & TattoosHuman Avatar Stage: Piercings & Tattoos

The All Points Bulletin human avatar project has completed the painful stage and voting has wrapped up for what piercings Josh should take on. It appears that Josh will be sporting a new snout ring in the very near future.

Josh currently only has nature’s standard issue number of holes, and has admitted to be slightly nervous about how the public will vote. You now get to pick whether the piercing studio fits one of the following: Brow stud, Iron Cross, Snout Ring, Tribal, Steel Hoops, or Spikes.
Next up? Tattoos. Ouch. Check out the haircut video and other information about the project. Be sure to check out the tattoos this guy may soon be sporting when voting ends.


Secrets of Radiant Hall ArrivesSecrets of Radiant Hall Arrives

CABAL Online devs have released the Secrets of Radiant Hall update. The new update features a pair of new dungeons, a revamped UI, custom key bindings, an improved party search, daily quests and a host of other bug fixes and optimizations.

Continuing with the storyline and content introduced in previous updates, Secrets of Radiant Hall gives players the opportunity to uncover the secrets behind the Phantasmal clan — an evil force threatening to destabilise the world. With the truth hidden deep inside Radiant Hall, a new 7-man raiding dungeon, players will need to overcome a series of challenging obstacles that stand in their way, each more difficult than the last. Those who succeed will leave with fame and fortune. While those that fail face the wrath of Drosnin, the fire-breathing dragon!

The specifics of the Secrets of Radiant Hall update can be found at the official site.

A Beginner’s Guide to Planet CalypsoA Beginner’s Guide to Planet Calypso Entropia Universe expert, Arno Laurman, has written a terrific guide for players just starting out on Planet Calypso. He gives some starter advice and goals to accomplish when starting the game. Read on to find out the best steps to take in Entropia Universe.

Entropia Universe, like any other commercial MMO, will probably cost you money to play especially when starting out. The difference here is that you decide how much money you’re willing to spend and, depending on your play-style, how long that money will last you. As you advance your skills and knowledge of the game, it might become possible to play for free and possibly even make profit. As a general rule, don’t deposit more than you’re willing to lose. When something stops being fun, stop doing it and try something else




New EU Update Introduces Monsters that SuckNew EU Update Introduces Monsters that Suck

Vindictus EU has been updated with a new patch that brings a pair of sucking monsters into the game. The Succubus and Glas Ghaibheleann raid bosses are now live in Vindictus EU.


Enter the chambers of this beautiful seductress, a lady that is sure to take your breath away. But be weary of her beauty, as love and lives are fragile things. Two possessions this deadly mistress can easily take.

Stress Test!Stress Test!



Last week, ArenaNet conducted a stress test for Guild Wars 2. The object was, as with all stress tests, to try to break the servers. See what we think about what we saw during this event and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.


Last week ArenaNet had a little stress test for Guild Wars 2, and boy was it stressful. Seriously, AHHHHH! Hah ha no just kidding it wasn’t that stressful, unless you’re one of the devs. It was a nice one day event that helped both ArenaNet, and players find more issues to patch things up a bit. It wasn’t a huge event. Just think of it as them trying to find every issue that hides in the game. They weren’t looking for our opinions on balancing the professions. There were a lot of things that did come up for players, so let’s take a look at what was found.