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Twitch & Alienware Scholarship Program DetailedTwitch & Alienware Scholarship Program Detailed


The team at Twitch has partnered with Alienware to offer aspiring and current college students the opportunity for one of five $10,000 scholarships. Best part? The requirements include a gaming component!
Prior year or over-all G.P.A of 3.0 (Scholarship funds will be awarded to the student upon evidence
of submission requirements and proof of registration in an accredited post-secondary institution.
High Level of Achievement in game of choice. This can include—but is not limited to:
High in-game rankings
Top tournament placements
Regular game streaming on Twitch
Regular involvement with games or gaming groups
Other significant involvement in gaming as judged by judging committee

PointMMO FeaturesPointMMO Features


·         The fastest download of every MMO game featured on the platform

·         Registered members-only exclusives and promotions for new and classic MMO games

·         Free-to-play download games as well as top browser-based titles

·         Social features to let friends know when you are playing a new game

·         An experienced team of experts behind the scenes that is always working to improve the experience of finding, trying and playing great MMO games

About PointMMO
PointMMO was founded in 2012 to address the market need for a dedicated digital distribution and publishing platform for MMO games. With a veteran team from the MMO industry and digital distribution industry, PointMMO is backed by a group of private investors that are passionate about gamers and the experience they have playing MMO games

The Lost Shores is LiveThe Lost Shores is Live


The spectacular one-time world event is now live! Unravel a monstrous mystery and defend Tyria from a formidable new threat – the karka! You’ll face brand-new creatures, earn cool new rewards, discover a brand-new island map, explore the new Fractals of the Mists dungeon, and more! This weekend event, which culminates in an epic showdown at 12:00 PM Noon PST on November 18, lasts until 10:00 PM PST on November 18.

PointMMO, First Digital Distribution Platform for MMOsPointMMO, First Digital Distribution Platform for MMOs


LOS ANGELES and SINGAPORE – August 30, 2012 – PointMMO, a new digital distribution platform focused on MMO games, was announced today. The platform provides publishers with the ability to self-publish and distribute their titles to a growing audience of dedicated MMO players. Unlike other platforms, PointMMO is completely focused on MMO games and the challenges MMO players have in finding new games, and getting into those games quickly.
“While there are other digital distribution platforms already operating, not one of them has a focus on MMO players,” said Kay Gruenwoldt, CEO of PointMMO. “Our system is designed to be the fastest and easiest way for MMO players to find, try, and play MMO games.”

The PointMMO team has been quietly building the platform and adding features to its roadmap to address the needs and wants of the MMO community. With beta coming in the next few weeks, the veil will be lifted soon and players will be able to start downloading and playing MMO games faster than ever.

“With our leading progressive download and streaming technologies, we get players into games without them even having to install the client, and in a fraction of the time a full download takes,” said Jens Bohnwagner, CTO of PointMMO. “For Free-to-Play publishers, the player benefits are clear and the innovative business model accommodates their needs much better than other digital distribution platforms.”

In the Apocalypse In the Apocalypse


There has been a lot of talk lately about the mythical (?) Zombie Apocalypse and we are not immune. In today’s Pokket Says, we take a look at exactly that in a “what if” kind of way. See what you think before weighing in with your comments.

Would this apocalypse be like in the movies and games that we play? I wonder this because I asked this question, in so many words, to my stream about a week ago. If the zombie apocalypse happened, would it be similar to DayZ? Would I not only have to be scared of the mindless, brain-eating monsters that aimlessly roam, but also be afraid of anything living? A lot of them said “yes” that I would have to fear living humans just as much, if not more.


Review In Progress Part 4 – Dungeons & PvPReview In Progress Part 4 – Dungeons & PvP


  In the final installment of our Review in Progress for The Secret World, we take a look at both dungeons and PvP action. Keep reading to see what we think before adding your own thoughts in the comments.

In most MMO dungeons, if a player dies, he/she can be resurrected by others and play continues until the end boss is finally brought down. It’s a battle of attrition much more than a battle of skill. In The Secret World, players aren’t given that luxury. If you die, you stay dead (albeit in an anima well nearby) until either the entire team wipes or the boss is finally killed. It’s harsh but it’s something that players seem to really enjoy. I’ve always said that TSW is a “thinking man’s” MMO and dungeons like Polaris and all the rest certainly embody that notion.


The Repopulation : Latest Update is a Big OneThe Repopulation : Latest Update is a Big One

  The Repopulation team has posted the July update, a beast of an article that features a look at the massive amount of work that has been done on the game in the last thirty days. Among other things, The Repopulation may start seeing new testers as the devs look to expand the pool.
Our primary focus this month was on combat. We took a look at every skill line and ability and tweaked where necessary to bring balance to each line, and to provide functionality where it was missing. We added the ability to double tap a movement key to dive in that direction, with an accompanying bonus that scales with your Acrobatics skill. Postures (Stand/Kneel/Prone) have been separated from abilities, and are now more reactive and easier to work with. Action Mode also received a slew of improvements. Next month will feature even more combat improvements as we delve into an energy weapon/shield revamp.


World of Warcraft : Speculation on Blizzard’s Next MoveWorld of Warcraft : Speculation on Blizzard’s Next Move


Blizzard Entertainment is arguably the “king of the MMO hill” right now. In a new column, we take a look at potential next steps for the gaming giant. See what you think and then add your comments to the mix.
Love ’em or hate ’em, those guys and gals at Blizzard are still the incumbent monarchs of the MMORPG realm. World of Warcraft is now heading into its eighth year of existence, and with a few minor bumps on the road of subscription, the game is still holding firm with just under ten million loyal players.


All the Normal Fantasy TrappingsAll the Normal Fantasy Trappings

Webzen’s Continent of the Ninth Seal, or C9, is an action MMO akin to Vindictus from competitor Nexon. We’ve been putting C9 through the wringer to see how it measures up to the rest of the 2012 crop of MMOs. See what we discovered!
So basically, with C9, everything you do will pretty much take place in an instanced dungeon, whether you’re grouped or solo. It isn’t horrible, but it will definitely be a turn-off to the anti-instancing mob out there. I’m not anti-instancing really, I get the point of it and understand its uses, but the amount of it in C9 felt over the top even to me. Especially since you run to the same entrance point for each one, and then ‘choose’ which dungeon you want to enter. It just made the whole situation feel very repetitive… run around town, get quests, run back to same cave entrance I’ve run to a hundred times already. Anyway, I’ll get into that more later, let’s get on with the meat and taters of this review.

Guild Wars 2 : TMORBG: Predicting ZhaitanGuild Wars 2 : TMORBG: Predicting Zhaitan


TemperHoof is back with an epic new update to his official user blog, “Temper’s Massively Overblown Ranting Blog [about] Gaming”. In his latest post, Temper muses on the awesome potential of Guild Wars 2’s dragon fights. Will they be as incredible as we hope? Will they be a complete downer? Read on to find out!

Just because Zhaitan will be big, doesn’t mean the fight will be anything more than an impressive visual: an unarguably stunning show of cinematic craftsmanship. Will the battle itself truly feel dangerous and have the kind of real skill driven difficulty it takes to make such a powerful dragon truly memorable for all who encounter it? Probably not! The key to this reasoning is looking back upon the trends of MMO gaming and taking a look at some of the most epic dragon battles. We will see why Zhaitan may not be as epic as he could be, and why we have to deal with that reality. We will also look over what we as customers can do in the future to help improve our overall gaming experience, and question ourselves what it is we really want — and what really, truly is… epic.