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Guild Wars 2 : Micro-Awesomeness

One of the most controversial words these days in MMOs is “microtransaction”. The idea of microtransactions always stirs a lot of emotion. In today’s Guild Wars 2 column, we explore the thought of microtransactions in GW2. Read on and let us know what you think in the comments. our sercices and price is the best that other companies cannot offer to.Now,register and buy the cheapest  Guild Wars 2 gold , our sercices and price is the best that other companies cannot offer to.Now,register and buy the cheapest Guild Wars 2 gold from our company,.The customers will get the cheapest our sercices and price is the best that other companies cannot offer.

ArenaNet had a nice system for Guild Wars where they used microtransactions to sell mission packs. ArenaNet has said that they will be using micro-transactions for Guild Wars 2, but they didn’t want players to have an advantage over others just because they spent a few extra dollars. This is a real game, not one of those Facebook click-fests that pulls our money out of us by inconveniencing us. To get back to the mission pack, it takes place in the lore of the game, using a different character with skills the game gave you. You controlled the character to see an event that took place in the games past. What was great about this mission pack was that it really expanded the universe.

Super Hero Squad Online : TV Show Actors Voicing GameSuper Hero Squad Online : TV Show Actors Voicing Game






Gazillion Entertainment has announced that the actors who lend their talents to the Marvel Super Hero Squad cartoon series will soon be bringing their voices to Marvel Super Hero Squad Online as well.


Tom Kenny (Iron Man, Captain America, MODOK)
Alimi Ballard (Falcon)
Antony Del Rio (Reptil)
Charlie Adler (Doctor. Doom)
Dave Boat (Thor, Thing)
Grey Delisle (Ms. Marvel, Enchantress)
Mikey Kelley (Silver Surfer)
Steve Blum (Wolverine, Abomination)
Tara Strong (Scarlet Witch)
Travis Willingham (Hulk)
Additional actors include Marvel voiceover veterans Chris Cox, Laura Bailey, and Phil Lamarr.



Wild Hunt Rewards Extended

The Warhammer Online Herald has been updated with information indicating that the Wild Hunt has been extended until September 14th. The extension is due to the disabling the Live Event Herald NPC which was causing instability issues on WAR servers. The NPC will most likely be reactivated after routine maintenance on Tuesday, September 14th.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not affect players ability to complete all of the tasks associated with the Wild Hunt, simply the ability to collect the rewards associated with the Live Event. Players will once more be able to collect their rewards once the Live Event Herald has been re-enabled following weekly maintenance.

As a result of the Live Event Herald being temporarily disabled, we will be extending the period in which players are able to collect their rewards for the Wild Hunt by a week. As a reminder, the Wild Hunt Live Event will conclude on 9/14/2010, so be sure to complete your tasks prior to Tuesday’s maintenance.




From today through October 31st, both Horde and Alliance World of Warcraft players will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Hallow’s End event. There are special quests such as the Headless Horseman, candy buckets and special event-specific rewards for players taking part.Our team provide professional wow gold, Power Leveling service and services for many other online games .It’s not wrong to choose us to buy wow gold. we would do our best to help you enjoy your game,our company  is the professional and efficient which leading MMORPG service company. We has been engaged in online game virtual items exchange for 6 years and has gained a lot of experiences

Nadirim Devs Reveal Game Info

Nadirim developers have announced some of the systems to be featured in the web-based title based on the Arabian Nights. In addition to the features, devs have also profiled the Mountain of Bells zone and the Nomad, one of five classes included in the game. Nadirim is set to go into closed beta in October but devs are promising weekly game information releases.The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the diablo 3 Gold prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitiveprice for players to buy diablo 3 gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions and meet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.

The first zone to be revealed is the Mountain of Bells: a mystical place which is the centre of many eerie tales and rumours. Only a brave few dare to enter this remote region. Legends say that during the War of 1001 Nights, the army of the caliph was frozen by a mighty spell of the evil Nadir into the stone formations which visually mark the region. The hollow, eerie sound of bells calls to mind their forgotten souls.

Along with experience points, the various zone quests can also earn players achievements, reputation, or special items and will teach them more about the background story of Nadirim. In the Mountain of Bells zone, which can be reached after around 30 hours of game play, players must find the source of the mysterious sound of bells, which holds an important revelation.

Issue #2 does not disappoint. In the opening pages we get a taste of what plagues the men of the north.

Issue #2 does not disappoint. In the opening pages we get a taste of what plagues the men of the north.

Even Jacobs own people, who are described as being NOT barbarians, seem to be suffering from a dreadful force of some kind, an affliction of blood. In a rather dark but intriguing scene we discover why Jacob has left his home, being forced into combat with his own father. Then, just like that we are back in the present and are introduced to a woman who seems likely to be Jacob’s constant companion throughout this unfolding story. Whether this wizard, named Shanar, truly means well for Jacob is open to debate. I certainly was left with the sense that she was not telling young Jacob everything. Regardless her introduction does serve to inform the reader of some more grandious lore behind the Diablo universe, the Crystal Arch. First discussed in the Book of Cain, this artifact of perfect beauty resides in the High Heavens and resonates with a song that not only brings Angels into being but also somehow can shape the paths of humans. Again I was highly intrigued and can’t wait to find out more.

But before we can find out more Jacob’s past catches up with him and his pursuant countrymen attack. It seems they too possess this strange affliction of blood that drives them to act like wild beasts more than civilized men. Jacob takes up the Sword of Justice to defend himself but is reluctant to kill any of his attackers and ends up being captured and forced to witness more of his countrymen’s depravity. Luckily he is rescued by Shanar and the chase continues. I particularly appreciated the blast from the past as Jacob and Shanar flee through the black marsh, stumbling upon the ruins of the Forgotten Tower (of Diablo 2 fame). In typical comic book cliff hanger fashion, the final page introduces us to a new unforeseen foe. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out more.

Aside from a decently interesting storyline both issues feature an art style that does a great job of evoking a sense of the menacing dark tones that make the Diablo franchise what it is. The angular and brusque line art of Joseph Lacroix and the very Diablo-ish color palette employed by Dave Stewart somehow stand set apart from Blizzard’s usual artistic style yet still manage to feel very Diablo. Both artists also did a fantastic job of portraying the infiltration of the sinister affliction of the Barbarians upon the men of the north, and left me wanting to know more.

If issues one and two are any indication, I think “The Sword of Justice” series will be both a highly entertaining read and also a great medium for advancing the lore of the Diablo franchise. So on both counts I applaud Blizzard and DC Comics. My only worry is that with only 3 more issues it seems like there is a lot of ground to cover to bring this story to completion. Of course who is to say that the story of Tyrael’s sword will end with this comic series? There is after all some upcoming web fiction; promised to the community in Senior Writer at Blizzard), who as it happens also had a hand in the Sword of Justice series. And of course there is always the impending release date announcement of a certain video game that is sure to be chalk full of lore goodies. I will not be surprised at all to see references to the Sword of Justice as we play through Diablo 3. But for now, we will just have to wait for another issue, left with a foreboding verse to tide us over and leave us wondering:


There are areas where you can store your items

This has to be one of the most exciting but dangerous bits of Runescape. This is the area north of the map in wich players can attack each other providing they are within level of each other. By this i mean they may be in a suitable depth of the wilderness to attack each other. This means a level 126 (highest level) cannot attack and probably kill a level 3 (lowest level) in one shot in level 1 Wilderness. In fact this can’t happen at all, as the wilderness doesn’t go up to a high enough level. You have a level 10 and a level 15. They must be in a Wilderness level of at least 5 to attack each other. Level 4 and they can’t.

This calls for all levels, so always do your maths before thinking “OMG a low level! I can attack him!” OR “OMG no! I better run, that guys level is higher than mine and he can attack me!”There are also multi areas, in which more than one person can attack another, as long as you both follow the Wilderness depth rule allowing you to attack. This is where people going player-killing tend to hang in groups to get quick and easy kills, so be aware around these areas. This is where you can store your items and RS gold, and there are many throughout Runescape in different cities and places.

People also sell and buy stuff at banks, so if you are looking for something and want to buy it off someone, then just go and ask at a bank, and if you want to, state a price you will pay. After a while you will get in the know of how much things should sell for. If you are not sure, look on the link at the bottom of this review for info. The team such professional, so you don’t need worry about the security of your runescape account when buying runescape gold from us. Be sure that there have no an error on your order, a mis-spelt character name or complications with payment.

EverQuest II : Wayback Wednesday – All Chained UpEverQuest II : Wayback Wednesday – All Chained Up


In this week’s Wayback Wednesday, Rob is joined by EverQuest II Producer Holly Longdale and Designer Akil Hooper for a terrific tour of the latest expansion, Chains of Eternity. The discussion centers around the release of Chains and the lore introduced into the game. Check it out!

Without a doubt my favorite part of the tour was Wurmbone’s End and Wurmbone’s Crag. The level of detail in this area surpassed anything else I noticed in game. The background ratmen running the roofs of the gulch and jumping from point to point doing their best parkour added that special touch to keeps players going back to zones again and again. Also, how cool are giant ratmen that get stronger at night and survive by hunting and eating the marrow out of dragon bones? Everything from the bones acting as support structures for the caves to the twin snakemen holding a giant crystal (38:40) worked together to make this one of my favorite zones in EQ2.


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The articles you submit cannot be duplicated on any other sites including your own, and while the content remains yours, you are granting us the right to keep it on this site. Relevant to Runescape – All articles should be somehow relevant to Runescape and if possible should be something that’s intellectually stimulating. Reasonably High Quality – Whilst your submissions are not expected to be winning any Pulitzer prizes you are expect to be able to produce work that has correct spelling and grammar as well as being interesting to read and with accurate information. You are expecting to have a fairly good knowledge of the game. Players who have been playing the game for at least 12 months and have a character with at least 1000 skill total are preferred.

Please note that the RSB administrators have the right to not publish any submissions they are not happy with, at their discretion. So with that said, please feel free to start submitting your Runescape guides and articles. Below are the categories and sub categories of the RSB Article/Guide section, along with some of the more popular articles of those categories: To produce the Scarecrow, first populate a Vacant Bedroom together with Hay utilizing using a Bale associated with Hay. The bare Tote is often built as well as got from the Producing Purchase. Adhere the Bedroom of Hay upon your Bronze Spear, which is often attained by simply killing Goblins. Place some sort of Melon on top of the particular spear to make that Scarecrow’s go.

At this point just stand the particular completely accomplished Scarecrow in a strong clear allotment patch to safeguard your own Sweetcorn and building plots. We also have plenty of gold for RS on hot sale. This specific opposition shall be managing more than not one but two trips when they get home at ends of May. The initial few days may concentrate on man or women skilling in addition to proficiency, as you move minute few days may concentrate on clans showing its skilling mettle inside RuneScape:the idea isn’t supposed to be about beat, you know that! If player need cheap Runescape gold, they can buy it at cheap price with fast delivery from us.

Enter The Bloody Arena, Get Soaked In Blood (Money)

Neowiz’  War of Angels launched its “Bloody Arena” update this past week. Players can log in as of 10/17 and compete in PVP matches for pvp weapons, armor, and “blood money”.  Groups of three, four, or five combatants can compete against each other in these matches.  And two brand new sets of armor and weapons can be bought with the blood money.

The rules of the Bloody Arena are simple – two teams enter, one team leaves. Groups of three, four or five combatants, above level forty are eligible to enter the arena by talking to the Combat Broker in the main city of Enes. Anything goes in the battleground, and combat doesn’t stop until one team is eliminated. However, it’s not over ’till it’s over: fallen teammates can continue to contribute to the battle by lashing out with melee attacks on opponents from holding cells on the perimeter of the arena, where they must remain until one side is completely wiped out.


Darksiders II – Zelda Meets Death

Occasionally, we like to touch base on big non-MMOs that we feel our readers would enjoy. Darksiders II from THQ and Vigil Games is one of those titles. Sequel to the vastly under-appreciated Darksiders, DS2 is looking like a masterpiece of the Action/Adventure RPG, and we’ve spent the past few days combing its depths.

If you’ve not played Darksiders, the basic gist of the series is that in the gameplay format, it’s an homage to the 3D Legend of Zelda series from Nintendo. Few games can compare to the house of Mario’s flagship adventure series, but Darksiders and its sequel are coming pretty damned close. Imagine if you will, a game that combines the dungeon-crawling and puzzle solving of the Zelda series, the RPG and loot aspects of something like Diablo, and the combat of God of War. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

Hello, all! I’m John Smith, and I’ve recently had the unbelievable opportunity to join the ArenaNet team and work on Guild Wars 2 as the resident economist. Guild Wars 2 has an incredible virtual economy—one of the largest ever created. I’m excited about the opportunity to study and help mold the economy for Guild Wars 2. As Guild Wars 2 goes live and becomes a living world, I will be continually learning about its evolving economy, and as I learn I’d like to share my most interesting findings with you.