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Final Fantasy XIV: Welcome to Eorzea

There have been a few hiccups along the way, but hundreds of thousands of Final Fantasy XIV players will be scampering around Eorzea as the relaunch of Square Enix’s MMO arrives today.

Many will be logging in—or remaining logged in from Early Access—to revel in the wide expanses of a lush new world. It’s always exciting to jump into an MMO on day one to see just what’s on offer, but just what does FFXIV bring to the table?

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the problem that many fledgling MMOs have is a lack of community. Just from the response to our new sites XIVwiki and XIVDB, it’s obvious there is a passionate community already encamped. It’s unlikely you will be hitting empty servers when you log-in.

Though we will be producing a proper in-depth review from the illustrious Ragar in the next week—once he has enough play time under his belt—my first impressions of FFXIV are of an old school, gorgeous MMO with a large world and an abundance of content, all with a very particular Final Fantasy flavor. Though FFXIV has a very crisp and modern engine, there’s a very nostalgic feel to the gameplay and world that I find very endearing.

Hopefully, the server issues that have dogged the game in recent days have alleviated enough to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

Final fantasy 14 fool fishing guide

Is the collection of the beta3 new profession, many of the fishermen in the game was a hard day at the beach, apparently there is no find the right way. So here contribute a fool fishing guide to share with you ~!

First of all, as a qualified fisherman, you must buy a set of fishing gear, fishing rod and bait), you can buy from fishing association. (fishing association luo found in central city on the map there are fish, very good to recognize)

Suggest that novice with some money to buy advanced bait, bait the hook is faster.

Well, you now good fishing rod and bait, can go fishing now. But the fish is not a fool, remember to use bait fishing, bait in the right hand side pocket, not the deputy, oh).

When you installed rod, go to the beach or river will see “!” An exclamation point, cooperate with keys (the Home or small keyboard “-” key), you can click on the “fishing” began fishing!!!!

When you start to go fishing for fish, you guess what I see?

Yes, that looks very familiar with the depth of the groove, and also ask you to put a hook to which layer. Do you remember when you dig and cut down a tree?

Actually the novice stage at how deep the doesn’t matter much, as long as you choose a point down hook line, also someone says new fish like the shallow layer in upper-middle-class, anyway, try more, try a few times and won’t get pregnant.

After you choose the right water depth, and mining and logging, pops up fishing operation area, but not the sort of mining in the circle shape is not logging the crescent shape, this is a fan power slot.

Now you need to click “wait”, and the patience to wait for the fish gently touch the bait or biting the hook, or you will waste time to repeat again just a series of operations.

The number of fish gently touch the bait than the number of fish to bite down by hook, but it is not good I try only 10 times before they succeeded (bait and the higher the grade, the greater the interest of the fish, so the front to know why you picked the senior bait!)

If you crazy try without bait fishing, you will find that the fish are interested in your hook and touch it takes 5 to 10 times that of a bait, to say the last bite the hook bait, the membership dues on more time. In general reactions to bait fish has the following two phases

1 – wait gets you a nibble (bit), A nibble is interested in your bait fish began to slowly close to eating

2 – waits gets you a bite. Then wait until they bite bite

Complete the above two steps, click on the rod “Jig”, if you are biting your hook bait fish, you have to start a game of should. Then you should pay attention to the emergence of a “Remainder” groove, there is a blue but didn’t fill up, this is your HP and to fight the fish tank. When the blue bar, you want to find a suitable location to fish from the water, you can see a marked point is sloshing around.

This MINI game will give you senior visual and spiritual enjoyment! Want to pull the fish, you have to do is click on the pole “Jig” to try to hit the point, and the highest enjoyment is accurately hit the point, when you hit your fishing rod there will be a halo effect of fluctuations, at the same time there will be a sweet sound.

When you click on each lift rod “Jig”, you will find the article in the “Remainder” blue will decline, out of the blue bar before you have missed the point, you would have failed. This vulnerability depends on your fishing skill level and the difficulty of you hook the fish (this is random).

You can once is done, also may be more than five times until you have a broken line also (and this is unfortunately) because your bait of what are all the fish back into the sea.

The following is my brief fishing experience:

English: You \ ‘ve hooked something but always biennial reel it in. “You seem to catch something, but you can’t pull it up” (in this message is in the beginning, the next and then ask the staff there will be a true fish bait hint)

English: The fish is taking The line. Nearly the bait fish (this message appears, with further in order to hit your target you want to calm, otherwise you will be more than the line frequency tolerance.)

English information: You take in some line. You got a little line. (you start excited, because your goals are getting closer and closer to you)

English: You take in a great deal of the line. You received a lot of line (you should be very nervous excited at this moment, but it’s not the time, a little closer to hit him again)

English: The fish from The tired, but you still always biennial reel it in. The fish was nearly is very tired, but is not yet the time to pull it up. (this means that you hit the point, but you have to hook it hit him once!)

As the sound of a musical… English: You obtain 2 strips of malm (chalk) kelp (kelp)

congratulations! You Got It!

Fishing is to provide materials for other manufacturing industries, such as you will catch the cooking ingredients, and gold with seafood, as to how specific manufacturing, let us share manufacturing come again next time.

There is a place for the old players need to pay attention to: fishing this mark is in the middle of the fan near the place, not like mining right in the middle of token, logging is at the top.

Finally, if you want a little more than the number of occurrences of blue bars (article appear blue will be fishing points get), the first to buy a better bait, second layer choose different try a few times more, finally found in fish bites the hook, the rod is faster, beta3 greater risk has two points out of the blue bar:

One is when the target is just beginning to shift to the left but haven’t hit to the left along the fan left a quarter point; And there’s a target point just to the right but not hit by the fan of a quarter point right on the right.

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The producer said “final fantasy 14” PS4 and PC print quality, and the same

S of the host in the generation change, the new host version of the game quality is typically higher than the PC version, but at the cologne fair, final fantasy 14 “producer said PS4 version and the quality of the PC version will reach agreement.

Today in cologne game show, the final fantasy 14: rebirth country director and producer Naoki Yoshida expressed in an interview on PS4 games.

He said: “I think it was such a great PS4. We started making the game on PC platform development, now we have to use the PS4 development tool for development, the quality will be achieved.”

There is no doubt that if the game PS4 to reach the PC configuration quality now, SONY machine in the near future will have a host image quality is the most beautiful MMORPG games.

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Generating a wow factor in FFXIV

The more I see about Final Fantasy XIV’s relaunch, the more anxious I get.

If there’s any doubt remaining in the minds of others, let me be entirely transparent: I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy XIV. Wonders never cease, I know. To say that I’m looking forward to the new version is pretty much irrelevant. Of course I’m going to play it when everything changes over; I’m playing it now and would continue to do so even without the promise of rebirthing realms.

But while I was discussing the game over dinner with Ms. Lady a few nights ago, she said something that struck me as very relevant: “It’s going to need to really be awesome to pull me back.” And she has a point. I’m getting a bit anxious because the new version thus far seems to set the bar at a very respectable level that’s still nowhere near as high as it needs to be, and I wonder whether it’s even possible to hit the mark it needs.

ffxiv moglog wowfactor 1 epl 920 Generating a wow factor in FFXIV

High water and low tides

When FFXIV launched just about two years ago, no one would or could deny that it had some seriously frustrating elements. It had some brilliant elements as well, but those were easily lost amidst a sea of questionable design decisions and frustrating choices. I’ve gone on record as saying it’s not as bad as some would claim, but I’ll just as happily go on record as saying that this stuff should have been caught before launch, and could have been, too, but admonishments in that department are long since useless.

Since then, a lot of people have moved on. And I do mean a lot. When FFXIV failed to provide the home that people were looking for, they went in other directions. Not surprising, really; we’ve seen some big titles launch in recent years, each of which hits some of the angles that FFXIV promised while delivering a more polished overall experience.

The trailers we’ve seen for the new FFXIV are certainly a lot better. But so far, none of them provides a compelling reason to go back to FFXIV for those who’ve left, and that’s problematic. The game looks solid in the trailers, but it’s not one that blows other games out of the water or offers a compellingly unique experience.

Naoki Yoshida has acknowledged this. He’s said outright that he doesn’t want to show off a lot of gameplay trailers at the moment because the game on display seems to be mostly on par with other MMOs rather than something unique. The problem is that all of the materials we’ve seen from the development staff are pushing the angle that the game is just another MMO.

Developers talk about adding quests into the game as the main content path as if this were some new development instead of the industry standard for nearly a decade. There’s talk about having a single global cooldown that changes the combat system — again, an innovation that has existed everywhere forever. It’s heady stuff if your exposure to MMOs is confined to Final Fantasy XI and FFXIV, but otherwise, it all feels like a rundown of the same old song and dance.

I believe that Yoshida gets this. But I’m also not sure where the next stage comes in because this is all stuff that should have been in the game when it launched two years ago.

ffxiv moglog wowfactor 2 epl 920 Generating a wow factor in FFXIV

The shock factor

The funny part is that Yoshida has his angle laid out for him. The new version is supposed to feature housing, pet breeding, intricate crafting and gathering… you know, things that a lot of players have been hoping to get out of games for a long while now. The idea of marrying that to a quest-driven experience, of recognizing that these two elements aren’t at odds with one another — that’s something. That’s a worthwhile target to aim for.

We’ve heard nothing about that.

In fact, as far as we know, a lot of the game is going to play out almost exactly the same as the current version with jumping and quests. We’ve been told that the combat system will change, but we’ve heard nothing to indicate that Gladiator A will be any different from Gladiator B with the same cross-class skills. I can comfortably list everything we know about housing for sure in three words, four if I add a qualifier to the statement.

For me, that’s all right. I’d like to see things like better specialization options for the classes, but as I said before, the game doesn’t need to sell me on anything. I’m already playing. The people whom Yoshida needs to sell on the game are the people who have either moved on or been warned off. And that is honestly not good.

Back during the original beta, we were repeatedly promised that we weren’t seeing the whole game, that there was awesome stuff waiting in the wings. But none of that supposed awesome stuff ever got hinted at beyond a promise that it exists. And while we’re getting a lot of promises that there are awesome features in the new version of the game, what we’ve seen is… stuff that should have been in the game at launch.

That’s not going to cut it. Having a smooth and coherent set of quests combined with housing and crafting isn’t going to make people look up as they’re playing games that already have those features. Why, exactly, should someone choose to play FFXIV instead of anything else in the world?

You and I are the converted. We’re going to play FFXIV because we like FFXIV. But anyone who wasn’t already sold on the game has no draws beyond “it’s not a mess.” Anyone scared off already has to be given good reason not to come back, and so far the only thing shown off is that the game has reached the level at which it should already be. I’m happy to point out that there are a lot of former bad systems that are no longer in place, but I have yet to see anything that I can point to be as being new and uniquely good. And that’s problematic.

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Returning to your Final Fantasy XIV friends

Despite my best efforts, I was unable to throw open the doors and start demonstrating the wonders of Arcanist with my time in Final Fantasy XIV’s open beta. I know, I’m disappointed too. I can offer a summary of what I saw from a glance at the abilities of the class, sure, but that’s a little more speculation than I want to lay on people in lieu of real playtime. (The short version is that it looks interesting, and yes, there’s a cure in there.)

Instead, I’m going to offer some advice to my fellow players coming back into the game with older characters. Think of these not as strict guidelines but as suggestions, tips to make the path through beta and early access just a wee bit easier. I spent most of phase 3 preparing for the launch along these lines, and it might make the transition a bit more gentle for everyone.

ffxiv moglog legacy 1 epl 816 Returning to your Final Fantasy XIV friendsStart with the boring stuff

When logging in, I know my first instinct is just to play. But my advice, as counterproductive as it seems, is to wait. Instead of rushing off to explore all of the game’s vistas, you should put your house in order first.

If you were lazy and still use a bunch of dated gear, that all will need to be replaced. Your inventory and that of your retainers will be a mess, however carefully you organized. Items will have to be re-stacked manually in several places. New gear will be grabbed, gear sets will need to be assembled, and so forth. Rushing off to just get started with the game already will leave you in a worse place than if you had been a little more patient.

Instead, start small. Get your inventory in order, sell off things you now know you won’t need, and take stock from there. It’ll be a chance to ease back into the game anyway, and doing it now means not having to do it later when you’re suddenly all jumbled up.

Pick up your utilities

All right, you’ve gotten your inventory sorted and replaced those dated bracelets that you didn’t feel a need to replace before. Good work. Now rather than plunging onward with your storyline, let’s hold back a little and ask yourself what you actually need for future benefits.

The level 10 storyline quest is when you unlock inn rooms and levequests. Similarly, your gear set unlock is the third storyline quest for the class you started the game with (which is also level 10, but you may already be overleveled for that). The dye quest out in Vesper Bay is level 15 and requires just an Orange Juice. The level 15 storyline quests unlock the airship.

Just as you want to put your immediate affairs in order, you also want your abilities unlocked and usable. Yes, you’ll have certain legs up on brand-new characters, but not everything is automatically unlocked for you even if you used to have access. Decide which of these features is most immediately important and get to work; I highly recommend picking up your gear sets as soon as possible because manually switching is one of those things people have never wanted to do anyway.

ffxiv moglog legacy 2 epl 816 Returning to your Final Fantasy XIV friendsKnow your limitations

During the last beta phase, the level limit is 20. That means that any experience you would earn with a higher-level class is lost and gone forever. It would be wise to minimize the time spent on any classes between 20-50 just to avoid throwing good experience after bad. (It’s possible that these experience rewards will be provided retroactively; I wouldn’t bet on it.) These extra bits of experience likely won’t amount to all that much in the long run, but there’s no reason to make your life harder when it doesn’t need to be.

If you don’t have any classes below 20, be vicious with what you need to do. Any quests that require a combat class should be done with something at level 50, and any quests that aren’t strictly necessary should be ignored. Sidequests can be picked up later when you’ll get something for them. Obviously, characters who start in Limsa as Arcanists have a leg up, but if your character is a hardcore Ul’dahn, I’m the last person to tell you to sacrifice personality in favor of game mechanics.

Do note that if you have a class at 50, there’s no reason not to pick up and clear every single class quest for that class. It’s not as if you’d get experience anyway.

Think future

Crafting and gathering are both fine activities for your time in this beta. Yes, you can spend it leveling combat classes, but there will be a lot of people new and old leveling those. If you’ve always neglected crafting or leveling, or if you’re coming in as a new player, consider the option of focusing on that economic foundation.

Remember, if you’re being focused, you’ll have many sidequests left for any new classes. Any lower-level classes will also be granted an experience bonus compared to your highest-level combat class, something that crafters and gatherers don’t get. This seems like the perfect weekend to become very good at all manner of craft, even if it means a bit less time doing other things for the weekends.

Remember, it counts

The hardest habit to break will be remembering that this is the real thing. We’ve all been training ourselves for a while now to treat the weekends as disposable, something fun to tool around in, but now it sticks. If you sell all of your items this weekend, they won’t be around next weekend. We’re playing for keeps now.

Oddly, I find that more relaxing.

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Final Fantasy XIV :Roleplaying drama

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Well, the show’s over, everyone. Nothing you do in Final Fantasy XIV matters any longer, in both the cosmic sense and the more immediate one. I hope you got what you wanted to get finished all done!

This does not mean that what we do as a community doesn’t matter; it always matters. It matters whether the servers are on or off. And that segues nicely into the latest community brouhaha that I’ve been witnessing, which is essentially a roleplaying schism handled in the way that only roleplaying schisms can happen. Roleplayers are one of the only groups that can still be just as active regarding a game we’re not currently playing, odd though it might seem.

I’ve touched on the Final Fantasy XIV roleplaying community more than once in the past. For some of you, I’m sure this is more or less irrelevant. But seeing as how the game’s last save has taken place and there are no more relevant discussions to be had regarding drop rates, quest difficulty, or anything else, would it really be so bad to take a step over and look at how the character-building half lives?

ffxiv moglog rp 1 epl 1101 Final Fantasy XIV :Roleplaying (community) dramaA distorted and inaccurate history lesson

Before I explain the situation, I’d like to make it clear that I’ve been an outlier and general supporter for most of the events I’m discussing here. I like roleplaying, and I encourage it, but I’m not going to try to manage a roleplaying community in any way because I don’t have a pressing urge to incite suicidal thoughts. If you’re reading this and protesting that this is not the way something happened, you may be right; this is secondhand. If you’re reading this and taking it as a gospel recounting of what took place, stop that. Moving along.

When FFXIV was on the horizon, a gentleman by the name of Kylin decided that it would be a good idea to have a single focused community for roleplayers. This is kind of a big deal, seeing as how Final Fantasy XI’s insane server selection (or lack thereof) made forming a single roleplaying community nigh impossible. Thus was formed the Roleplaying Coalition, or RPC as it has been known forever after. (I had to think for a minute about what the acronym stood for, to belabor the point.)

Now, Kylin figured that as long as a community was being formed, this would be a fine time for everyone to start working together toward a single standard of roleplaying. This is also a laudable goal. Even disregarding the usual spate of secret magical vampire roleplaying you find everywhere, having a single standard for events, timelines, and so forth would be a useful tool for roleplayers in general. So Kylin proceded to outline his views of the RPC’s overall role, which included basically serving as the roleplaying police.

Some members objected to this, among them a gentleman by the name of Lior. As Lior saw it, the community’s role should be to encourage roleplaying, not to create an environment where you either adhered to certain rules or you weren’t welcome. Thus began roleplaying drama in earnest before the game had even reached a testing stage, which would be a new record with any other sort of community. (I’m pretty sure there’s already roleplaying drama in the WildStar roleplaying community.)

After extensive debating/arguing/catfighting, Kylin backed off and left the RPC as a neutral force. This still clearly rankled him and the people who agreed with him, and his designs on being a community administrator cleary rankled Lior and the people who agreed with him. But seeing as how the entire community imploded shortly after launch, this sort of fell by the wayside.

Not very long ago, Lior opened up his own community site for roleplaying, dedicated to providing a roleplaying community that both met his personal standard for what the community ought to be like and was an alternative for those not terribly happy with the RPC as it stood. Cue an explosion of drama visible from orbit.

My bias, if it matters

I know both Kylin and Lior, albeit the latter better than the former. Both of them have been supremely cool people in every interaction between them and me, and both of them have their own version of how events went down.

While I’ve been involved with the RPC and the roleplaying community as a whole, it’s been from the knee-deep level, not from the top. I’ve led one linkshell, briefly, and that’s not what this was about. I was not involved in any of the discussions about how the roleplaying community should or shouldn’t be handled aside from serving as an observer and providing intermittent color commentary when the drama spilled out from private discussion. While I’ve got some issues with the RP community in the game, they aren’t relevant to this discussion.

If it needs to be said, after countless articles from me about how important roleplaying is, I don’t have a side in this. The side I support — and will always support — is the side of “roleplaying is cool.” Anything that encourages people to roleplay is aces in my book. Creating an environment that’s RP-positive is a big personal wish. My bias with these sorts of arguments is for people to not be arguing over how we have fun and just have fun.

ffxiv moglog rp 2 epl 1101 Final Fantasy XIV :Roleplaying (community) dramaSo where are we?

Right now, we’ve got two roleplaying communities being formed. The problem is that the game doesn’t need two communities; it needs one unified community, and splitting the community will kill roleplaying and so forth.

The obvious answer? No, it won’t. Fighting amongst ourselves will kill roleplaying. Creating rules about whether or not Jets can roleplay alongside Sharks is far more dangerous than the existence of the Jets and the Sharks. Division isn’t only a natural part of roleplaying communities; it’s an entirely healthy one.

Not everyone enjoys the same sort of roleplaying. Not everyone enjoys the same intensity level, not everyone enjoys the same subject matter, and not everyone is keen on the same amount of raw game time. Roleplaying is like any other in-game activity, with a lot of different permutations based in individual preference and schedule. Trying to form one standard that applies to all roleplayers everywhere is a process that’s doomed to wind up being exclusionary and fail because there will be people who look at that standard, decide that it doesn’t fit them, and walk away.

That’s the real potential tragedy — not seeing that there are so many different communities, but getting the sense that you’re not welcome in any of them. The game can support two different communities. It can support people who are part of both communities, or people who are part of only one, or people who choose to be part of neither but still enjoy roleplaying. Providing more spaces for people to come together is a good thing for all involved.

And let’s be honest — the community is already divided. It’s divided so many times by now that it could have produced an entirely new species of single-celled life. Trying to prevent divisions from forming in the community is like trying to prevent the breakup of Pangaea. We’re long past the point when this could be prevented.

So embrace it. Let people do their own thing. Let us build many houses for people to move between, and above all else, let’s remember that while we might differ on the how, we agree on the what. And with this, I hope to fix all drama ever forever.

Because sure, why not?

Final Fantasy brings version 1.0 characters into beta

530x302xsayhi.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lAArEgXDTa Final Fantasy brings version 1.0 characters into beta

Returning players who log into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta phase four will be given the option to import their version 1.0 characters for the first time since the game went offline in November 2012. The Lodestone reports that players will not only see their old characters once more, but also any items that they had on them at the time of the apocalypse. Players will have a one-time opportunity to alter that character’s look, gender, race, and name, and these changes will carry over to live.

Square-Enix is also handing out the legacy chocobo whistles with phase 4 for those that earned them through the legacy campaign. This will add a special mount to your character’s stable.

And if you’ve never played an MMO before and need a beginner’s guide to partying up for dungeon runs, check out the following video (protip: Tell everyone you’re a noob!).


50 Final Fantasy brings version 1.0 characters into betaCraigBarner

Really bugged that there is no que. or at least none that I see. If I can’t get in now, I’m gonna be ass out when West coast gets home and wants to play. And if I remember from phase 3, it’ll let you afk for a prety long time.

But damn that’s a gorgeous movie they keep playing if you wait long enough on the title screen. Music is pretty moving too.

50 Final Fantasy brings version 1.0 characters into beta


Im playing right now, starting new character since I’m waiting until early access to bring out my 1.0 guy.

Have to say, I love this game, V. 2.0 is without a doubt one of my fave MMOs ever, right up there with EQ1, DAOC and BC-WOW….

I really can’t say it enough of how great a comeback this has been so far….

I hope it sells very well on PS3 and PS4 because the PC reputation is damaged from 1.0 and I doubt any non FF fans will give it a second chance, such a shame…

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FFinal Fantasy XIV ARR Open Beta

241331 FFXIV ARR Open BetaSquare Enix announced today the dates for the Open Beta as well as Early Access.  Are you ready to brave the adventures of Eorzea?

Open Beta Dates – August 17th – August 19th for New Users (weren’t in Phase 3), August 16th – August 19th for Existing Users (partcipated in Phase 3)

Early Access – August 24th – Launch

In other news, Squar also announced Veteran Rewards, which are rewards based upon how long you have been a subscriber to A Realm Reborn.  There will be bonus items given at 30, 60, and 90 days and if you start with a 90 day subscription you will get all item sets.

Also announced is the iOS App to accompany A Realm Reborn called “Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea” which is scheduled to arrive a week after launch.


A Welcome Back Campaign is also being implemented giving players who registered Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 a chance to play for free until September 9th.

Some other highlights from the Q&A where the beta was announced:

  • Game cards will be made available for those who would rather not use a credit card or Square Enix’s Crysta currency.
  • World transfer service should be available 2-3 weeks after launch.
  • In-game repairs going to a scaling amount rather than a flat rate based on the item. This should encourage players to repair more often rather than putting it off as long as possible and risking broken gear to save money (I *may* be guilty to being this cheap).
  • Barbershop should be available in the initial patch, 2.1.
  • The Great Labyrinth of Bahamut will be the hardest content at the start of ARR. According to Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida: ”It will contain a lot of things such as what happened after the Seventh Umbral event. While I can’t really say too much about the mechanics, there will bosses that can only be defeated by performing certain actions and that have different phases. Without having a party that can deal the proper amount of damage, you won’t be able to move past certain phases. Additionally, there will be shared damage type of attacks that you will need to have 4 people get hit by, as well as have a certain character act as a channeler for the damage. There will be a lot of different elements present.”
  • Crystal Tower will be 24-player content that shouldn’t be too difficult. They’ve adjusted it to be enjoyable for everyone.
  • In addition to the Primal battles, there will be Hard Modes for dungeons.
  • There will be an additional reward for doing random content through Duty Finder, namely through additional token drops. This should be implemented once they’ve added a few more level 50 dungeons.
  • You will be able to reallocate your attribute points multiple times, but it won’t be something you can do easily.
  • Work is still being done on the environment and tools for player-made addons. An update should be available eight months after launch.

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Final Fantasy XIV Gets Armored Chocobo

FinalFantasyXIVChoco 2 Final Fantasy XIV Gets Armored ChocoboIn Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn you’ll be able to “pimp your ride” with multiple sets of job-themed Chocobo armor, and today Square Enix released a developer’s blog showcasing three of those (Dragoon, White Mage and Black Mage). You can check them out above and below.In other news, the publisher will hold a live broadcast on Nico Nico about five hours from now (at 9 PM Japan time, that translates to 8 AM EDT) to celebrate the release of the “Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack” (of which you can check out a pretty crazy sample).

Hosting the broadcast we’ll have composer and sound director extraordinaire Masayoshi Soken and radio personality Akihisa Soguchi working as the announcer. You can watch the livestream here. Knowing Soken-san, we can expect comedy and a lot of great music.

FinalFantasyXIVChoco 3 Final Fantasy XIV Gets Armored Chocobo

FinalFantasyXIVChoco 1 Final Fantasy XIV Gets Armored Chocobo

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News about World of Warcraft Movie

"World of Warcraft" Movie Goes Ahead with New Writer, Director Still Missing

We learned in July that Spider-Man trilogy and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi had signed off of the World of Warcraft movie project that Legendary Pictures has in the works. The film has been in flux since 2007, and multiple writers have come and gone, as well.

Now K-Pax, Blood Diamond and (the unreleased) The Seventh Son writer Charles Leavitt is officially in the mix, though the film still lacks a director.

Hopefully Leavitt can fix whatever’s ailing the project so it can actually get under way and hit its expected 2014 release.

Do you think the World of Warcraft movie will ever actually get made? What would you expect to see in it? Who do you think should direct? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

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