Guild Wars 2 : Review in Progress Part 4 – WvWGuild Wars 2 : Review in Progress Part 4 – WvW


In the fourth in our ongoing Review in Progress, we take a look at Guild Wars 2 and its unique concept for massive scale PvP. Is it as unique as it purports to be? Is it functioning as it should? Find out in our latest Review in Progress. Leave us your WvW thoughts in the comments.


Remember how I was bemoaning the plight of those on high population servers in Guild Wars 2 last week? I was whining about the fact that Jade Quarry’s queue times were too long, and that I’d had trouble actually getting into WvW? I was even toying with the idea of temporarily changing servers to a less PVP-active one so that I might get some time in and review WvW. Lo and behold, just a day later I was in the Borderlands and the Eternal Battlegrounds getting face-rolled by Henge of Denravi and Stormbluff Isle’s unified front.  And I liked it.  I spent most of this week in different Borderlands and the Eternal Battlegrounds. Heck, I didn’t even need to do what Mike Feguson suggested either in his recent blog update.


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