A club Mike: sometimes guild wars 2 or never pay for the expansion

ArenaNet games recently, North America chief game designer Mike Zadorojny said in an interview with foreign media, guild wars 2 is not the expansion, either this year or next year, the game won’t be out of the expansion.

Mike Zadorojny said: “at present, we absolutely believe that no need to make the expansion for the game. We want to have, but we just think there is no need to do. This is mainly because that guild wars 2 we would like to make a Living in the World, Living World), like the real World, which will have all the expansion will include the content of the content, and it will be updated on a regular basis.”

In the interview, the reporter also asked him, and this year or next year, “the guild wars 2” will give a new expansion, and his reply is given by the shook his head.

Mike Zadorojny continued: “if our this kind of practice is very successful, so the future perhaps we completely don’t need the expansion, and all the things will be around the construction of the Living World.”

Currently, ArenaNet game companies are changing the strategy of the development of guild wars 2, and one of the main way is like a game, the expansion content for the game. And is different from the expansion on the one hand is, their frequency of game update more frequently.

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