Build up to Guild Wars 2 release dateBuild up to Guild Wars 2 release date

The build up to the Guild Wars 2 release date is all set to increase, as the closed beta should not be that far away now. This will give us an idea of just how far the game has come in terms of development; but we shouldn’t expect too much from these tests. However, at least it will allow ArenaNet to iron any issues before the game sees its final release sometime in 2012.

Okay, so we know you may know that already, but as we are very close to the closed beta of Guild Wars 2 it’s now time to get excited. We cannot say for certain how long it will be before the open beta is out, but it’s a process that cannot be rushed. In a recent interview with NowGamer, Colin Johanson and Theo Nguyen from ArenaNet were asked a series of questions, and there were one or two that caught our eye.

First we want to discuss the reaction received regarding the game in general, as they were asked if it feels like a next-gen title, and the answer was yes. This is exciting for us, but they are setting themselves a huge challenge when they state something like that.

Secondly, we have looked at another question, which is to do with Guild Wars 2 set to become more competitive online, which is something that most big game titles are trying to do right now. The idea of this game becoming a big hit in the pro tournament circuit is something ArenaNet is seriously considering. They have said we can expect a series of tournaments, which will be available from launch.

We are now seeing more developers spending more time on the cinematic conversations; this is one area of a game where many of us would just skip past – not any more. Watching these is now like watching a movie or story evolve, and with around fifteen hundred cinematic conversations in Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet, is making this a huge part of the game

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