Characters can change around their skills as desired

Auriel is the Archangel of Hope. She is the “voice of reason” in the Council, and often must break up Tyrael and Imperius when they fight. It is Auriel who brings hope to the Heavens, and if she should ever be captured or killed, Heaven will fall in despair. Auriel is closest to Itherael. Malthael is the Archangel of Wisdom. It is said when he speaks, everyone stops to listen his teachings. He used to be the leader of the Council, until Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone. He could not fathom this event, and left the Council saying “In the end, only I will prevail”. He now wanders the endless halls of Pandemonium, hoping to find answers to the Universe.

Itherael is the Archangel of Fate. He interprets the Scroll of Fate, seeing the endless possibilites to outcomes in life. Itherael is the only person that can read the Scroll. Itherael cannot see humans, because they were never meant to exist, but he can see nephalem. He is closest to Auriel. If you are looking for the Basics Section of the wiki, you can find that in the Basics Category. In Diablo II, a character was unable to change their skills and stats once they were allocated. If you made any mistake, the only solution was to reroll. This is changed in Diablo 3, and characters can change around their skills as desired, with only minimal cooldowns to prevent this being done exploitatively.

The biggest change to Diablo 3 attributes is their change to an automatically-allocated system. Players can not set their skill points, and instead gain 1 or 2 points in the four attributes with every level up. The Diablo 3 developers felt the stat allocation in Diablo II was a poor way to provide character customization since players either experimented and “ruined’ their character with sub-optimal choices, or else followed a cookie cutter style of build. In the early days of Diablo 3, an inventory-like game system called the Talisman was stocked with items called charms, which added large bonuses to stats, but that system was shelved during development. Another system to add specific attributes was enchants provided by the Mystic, but that system and the Mystic were also removed during development.

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