Cosplay Idea,Suggestions ,and appropriately messageCosplay Idea,Suggestions ,and appropriately message

So wraps up another year at Blizzcon and I believe Blizzard truly tried to accommodate us all this year during the contests. Sure there were some hiccups–but the act of trying and succeeding on many points makes me extremely pleased.

So, as most endings do provide,let’s let Blizzard know how to make next year even more enjoyable–I’ll start first!

1. We know only 100 people can enter the contest, we understand–but what about the count after 100?? Here’s an idea I saw used at another con. Setup a section in the con that is well lit and has a backdrop (like a red carpet area) with Blizzcon or sponsor logos. Make this area a place where cosplayers (contest entrants or not) can meet up IN the con and get pictures, but also get seen by the con attendees. Set up some photographers to be around the area and take snapshots. Put the “cosplay red carpet” area on the Blizzcon programs and maps. Maybe even set up a Direct TV interviewer to be stationed there at certain times of the day.

Shoot, just having a designated area and making it well lit for the costumers… That would be amazing! We do a photo shoot every year outside, but the lighting can be bad with cast shadows and squinting. We would all LOVE a spot to be recognized inside the con. All it takes is space and a back-dropped area with lighting.
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