David Brevik’s Diablo 3David Brevik’s Diablo 3



During PAX Prime, we had the opportunity to check out Marvel Heroes, a game that even the developers liken to the Diablo series. Find out what we discovered during our hands on time and during our interview with David Brevik. Leave your thoughts in the comments.
I’ll admit to being a skeptic about Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes when I first heard the notion that it was going to only allow players to play as existing Marvel Heroes and not create their own super-powered people in tights. Part of the fun, a big part, of City of Heroes and Champions Online is that you’re creating you’re own hero or villain. As fun as it is to play as Wolverine, I still want to show my creative side and make my own story up. But after talking with David Brevik, Marvel Heroes’ Lead Designer and the father of Diablo, I am inclined to believe Gazillion is onto something. And after playing it? It feels more like what Diablo 3 could have been than what we were offered. I’m not saying D3 isn’t fun, but rather that Marvel Heroes feels more like the next evolutionary step of the revered Action RPG

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