Dominus : Live Developer Chat TODAY!Dominus : Live Developer Chat TODAY!




Fans of three faction PvP will want to be on hand for a live developer chat featuring the folks behind Prime Battle for Dominus.
The live chat will be hosted via and begins at 12:00 p.m. PST. The chat will feature Pitchblack Studios founders and other members of the team discussing the new teaser trailer unleashed today. The team has other topics up their collective sleeve as well.


The lead designers Warren and John will entertain, educate, and embarrass themselves with prehistoric game trivia while we in the audience watch, chat, and have a good time. It’s a Pitchblack family tradition, and we’d love it if you’re a part of it.


Don’t know much about Prime Battle for Dominus? You should! Educate yourself by reading Suzie Ford’s preview and swing by the Prime Battle for Dominus website to learn more!


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