Each individual line pertains to two specific attributes

Thinking that it was like a normal auto attack from wow, I ran up to people and stood staring at them for five seconds wondering why I wasn’t hitting them. Range does not do this however. If you play as a guild wars 2 ranger and equip a ranged weapon, you will still be attacking someone even if they run out of range. Even through walls. You won’t be hitting anything, just giving away your position to anyone paying attention to the random lasers coming out of the wall. But I didn’t play with the auto cast not on my spammable. There’s no real reason to put it on any of your other abilities, and I didn’t feel like smashing the one key over and over and over again. If anything, having your spammable set to auto cast will keep you from breaking your darn keyboard.

You get one at level 11, one every level until 80, that gives you 70, so that gives you two things of 30 and one thing at 10 if you feel. Now don’t look at this as an actual build, because I haven’t actually gone in here and looked at it as a real build. This is just for educational and informative purposes. Now the other thing about trait lines is each individual line pertains to two specific attributes. Remember we were talking about attributes and how everyone wants every attribute. Well guess what? You get them all right here, every single stinking attribute is in the traits, even the class specific one, which is brawn, like guild wars 2 warrior guide.

So we’re going to start up here in the strength trait line, and I’m going to show you some examples of how this works. Now as I put trait points in here and it will increases my power and my expertise. Some of these are by a percent, some of these are by a flat attribute number. For example expertise is a calculated in percentages, and so is concentration and brawn. Vitality, toughness, percussion and power are counted as units of number, not percentages. So now I’ve got 11 points in the strength trait line. That gives me 110 power, and 11% more expertise. At 5 points in I earn reckless dodge.

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