Gamescom Demo Impressions

phrase that kept on returning at their presentation was “let gamers play how they want to play” also Carbine Studios Jeremy who’s telling us about their new game repeats how different Wildstar is compared to other MMO’s on the market. So the story behind this WildStar demo is that the players crash-land on a quite unusual planet and need to choose their path towards survival. We have the usual race, class and faction choices, but we also get asked why we’re coming to the planet
Boots on the ground reporter, John Milburn, got a first hand look at the just-revealed WildStar Online during a presentation by Carbine Studios and NC Soft during this year’s Gamescom. He’s got a few impressions to share with you so keep reading! Are you looking forward to WildStar Online? Let us know your thoughts in the commentsThere’s simply too much info coming out of GamesCom this year.  From the PvP reveals for Guild Wars 2 and Funcom’s The Secret World, to The Old Republic’s outstanding showing of the Eternity Vault, to Warhammer Online’s PvP MOBA, and even Blizzard’s Transmogrification in WoW 4.3.  The week was not without plenty of news to cover.  But one blip deserves a spot among this week’s SotW more than all the rest, by the simple fact that it’s the first of many such “blips” we hope to hear over the next few years
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This week’s reigning news king deservedly goes to Carbine Studios and their newly announced MMORPG: WildStar Online. Though there was stiff competition coming out of Gamescom 2011, this bright new star (pun intended) has everyone talkingBlack Prophecy brings what a lot of gamers have been excited for: A space combat MMORPG. Like a lot of the online community, I too delved into EVE Online. It is a beautiful game with a complex economy and awesome combat. However, as the elitists out there will gladly tell you, it lacks full controls. I am not saying that you can’t do anything in Eve, but I cannot move around as if it is in a FPS. With the arrival of Black Prophecy, we can rejoice!

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