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There’s no question that most of us identify with our online MMO characters. To that end, the name we choose generally -means- something to us. In a new editorial today, we take a look at how and why we name our ‘babies’ as we do. Read on!
Starting a new MMORPG is one of my favorite things, because this is a time when you get to be really creative if you want to. After selecting your perfect look, deciding between those last two hair styles or armor pieces that will top off the image you want to project of your brand new superhero, spy, bounty hunter, elf, or giant feline, is naming your character. Do you use the random generators? Not care much and just take whatever’s available? Come up with a jokey moniker? Reuse the name you’ve been using since your MUD days in 1996? Or are you like me and invest time and thought into each character’s name based upon multiple factors?


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