Going to the Third Section of Guild Wars 2

We had a new task, it was the Sun Spear of Kryta, it was right, and she was Coil. Why did she appear in the Lion’s Arch? What was the meaning of her words? Maybe we would consume much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold again.
“The night has come, and Abaddon is going to wake up.” Coil said again.
Who was Abaddon? Yes, I knew, he was the storied sixth true god, but he became the controller of the destruction and breakage, now he was the leader of the demons. He was also the faith pillar of the White Mantle, two hundred years ago, Abaddon called the White Mantle to kill the empire of Qaysan.
“I need your help.” Coil said with great sincerity. She took a lance in her hand. Most of the members of her guild were paladins, and the paladins considered the lances as main weapon, so the guild got its name.
“If we don’t stop Abaddon’s coming, the three continents will be in danger, at that time, even if we have much Guild Wars 2 gold, we won’t stop him.” I knew her meaning, she wanted me to go to the third section, well, I also wanted to change a new place, I have been in Tyria for a long time, and I felt a little boring.
The task was killing the Misery Monsters and the Torture Claws in the Lion’s Arch, and we should close the black hole, each black hole we closed, and our morale would be improved, and then we could buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
Of course, we could not deal with the Misery Monsters only by ourselves, the system gave us the guards, and they were in level 15. These guards were the allies, so if they died, they could not resurrect, but we could not die, so we had no other way, we had to take them to be the cannon fodder.
We fought with the monsters carefully, if we had no blood and the Guild Wars 2 gold, we ran away, we lost two guards at last, but we closed all of the black holes finally. The Lion’s Arch returned to normal now, and the sky was still blue, the panicky people could not believe their eyes, and they came back.
“Your action improves that you are brave and clever, but you only wiped out a small part of the night just now, and the bigger night is on the Iona Continent. Warrior, are you willing to go to the third section to have an adventure with us?” Coil asked me.

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