Guild Wars 2: The Abundant Harvest

Kaiser said in my heart: “Benson, why don’t you die? Go to die quickly, and then you could see me.”

After I got the prince, the system said: “You get an unlock skill.”

It was the Random Edge, it was an elite skill, and its profession was soldier, it could hit the enemy and others nearby quickly, and it could hit enemy for twice, it consumed five points of energy, the cooling time was eight.

It was great, it would help me to get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold in future; I did not think the prince had such a good skill.

Cable looked at me with eyes and envy, of course, he wanted to learn this skill instead of me, but it was only a dream, even if he could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me in future.

“The Frost Gate is open now, and the Beacon Hill is behind the Frost Gate. We have to leave now, because we must go to catch up with Dagmar.” Saris said to us, they were going to the south, and we were going to the west.

I really hoped that we would not see him again, because there would be bad news if I saw them.

The adventure tonight was over finally, and I could have a good sleep.

I got three hero wraiths one night, and they were the elementalist wraith and soldier wraith which I never saw, and I thought that I nearly got all of the wraiths of every profession, now I did not have the monk wraith.

The best result was the beautiful ice empress, when I thought her, I was very excited, as if I got much Guild Wars 2 gold, and I could not fall into the sleep.

“You have to wake up!” It was Zaria again, why did she come into my room once more?

“Don’t disturb me, I am doing a good dream.” I rubbed my eyes, and then I lifted the quilt lazily.

“What is this?” As if Zaria saw something, she suddenly knew what it was, and then her face turned to be red, she was very shy.

I did not know what she wanted to say, after I looked at my body, I was scared; I did not wear my clothes.

“Do you see it?” I asked her tensely.

“Of course, my eyes are useful.” Zaria said, after a while, she said again: “What dream did you have just now?” She asked me and smiled, “I heard that you called the ice empress and the Guild Wars 2 gold.”

“Is that true?” I was a little nervous.

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