Guild Wars 2: The Bad Situation to Us

“Adele, we meet again!” It was Adele’s younger brother again, I thought Adele changed her skills; maybe her brother did not change.
“Yes, but I won’t go easy on you this time.” Adele said.
“Well, I will defeat you with my power and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.” It seemed that Dakar was confident.
“Dylan, you are my enemy again.” Marina said.
I really want to defeat her now.
“I come, you’d better surrender quickly.” Latvia said, and she waved her axe.
Jacobi did not say a word, he only smiled as usual.
The battle started, we came to a deadlock, and we even had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold. In the arena of Shiver peak, there were two higher slopes on the both sides, they were full of snow. There was a frozen river in the middle; it liked a huge reading glass.
It was as the same as the oil lake of Ascalon Arena, this frozen river had a special effect. If people walked on it, they would not be slowed down, but if people stopped, they could not move again. So we had to pass quickly, we could not stop.
Suddenly Dakar shot out a poisoned arrow, if we did not move, our blood would become green, and we must take measures quickly.
What should we do? Winnie chose attack; she wanted to use the Earth Stomp.
When Winnie went to the middle segment of the frozen river, she suddenly could not move, we did not think that Dakar had this elite skill, it could not be blocked. The feet of Winnie became disabled; she could not use her skills and Guild Wars 2 gold now.
The worst thing was that the cooling time of this skill was only one second, so he could use it continuously. If all of us were on the frozen river, we would be in danger.
Because Winnie could not move now, so Jacobi also attacked her.
Winnie lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold quickly; she did not know what she should do, so she rushed out.
Her movement took us to the frozen river, of course, we ran quickly, we did not stop on the frozen river, even if the enemies attacked us, we also did not care. It was lucky that Dakar did not have much combat experience; he did not use the elite skill at a crucial time, when he wanted to use it, and we were with Winnie together.
“Let’s kill them!” Latvia shouted loudly, and then she lifted her axe to fight with Winnie’s hammer.

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