Guild Wars 2: The Characteristic of the Echo

It was the Signet of Cooperating, its profession was oracle, its type was excitation, and its attribute was signet, it made other allies get 40 to 88 point of physical strength, if you were not affected by the buff spell, you would also get 40 to 88 point of physical strength, this skill consumed one point of energy, the cooling time was 10.
“Most oracles use these two skills mainly to get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and the Song of Healing is similar to the Wind of Healing of monk, it could increase life point. Though this skill only has three point of life regeneration, it could be reset, and you can take it with you for a long time.”
“I want to ask you a stupid question, Commander, what is the resetting skill? Can I get the Guild Wars 2 gold with it?” It seemed that Sparta really did not know it.
“Your question is good, it means that you can make the skill restore to the condition just when it is used, and let me show you an example, the lasting time of the Song of Healing is 20 seconds, after you reset it, and there will be more 20 seconds.”
“I know, and it is so great!”
“This is the characteristic of most echo skills, you will learn many skills like this in future, and they can be reset by the Battle Howl or Flame Hymn.”
“The Song of Healing has a lasting time of 20 seconds, and the cooling time of the Flame Hymn is 10 seconds, so it is shorter than the lasting time of the Song of Healing, could I reset with the Flame Hymn? And then I can buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” Sparta asked, and it seemed that he began to think about it, so he should not be so stupid.
“Yes, you are right, so you should use the Flame Hymn for many times in future.” Coil said, and then she pointed to the skill of the Signet of Cooperating, “The Signet of Cooperating could only add blood and Guild Wars 2 gold for other people, but if you don’t have the buff spell, you can also get the same point of blood, and so you can add blood for two persons once, you save other person and yourself.”
“Is that true? But it is better that I add blood for myself directly, and it is easy.”
“There is also the skill of healing yourself, but the casting time is a little long, it will be bad if it is interrupted.”

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