Guild Wars 2 : Final Thoughts Before LaunchGuild Wars 2 : Final Thoughts Before Launch

Guild Wars 2 is now less than 24 hours until the head start program begins and just a few days before its worldwide release. So many hopes hang on its success. Before all the craziness begins, we want to offer our thoughts about the game. See what you think and then add your ideas to the comments.
It’s been a really fantastic year for MMO gamers so far. I know that there have been rough spots, but on the whole, there have been a lot of excellent games to play this year. But none of them can really compare to what’s on deck for August 28th. World of Warcraft wasn’t my first MMO, but I remember standing in line on opening night to pick up my Collector’s Edition in November of 2004. I remember the feeling during the beta that I was in on one hell of a revolutionary experience. I remember playing that game and feeling like it would break the MMO genre wide open.

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