Guild Wars 2 An Introduction To Making Your Own Loot Guide

We’ve put together this Guild Wars 2 crafting guide to introduce you to the crating system in ArenaNet’s massively multiplayer role-playing game. While the list for every craftable item is as expansive and vast as the lands of Tyria, this guide gives you an introduction to crafting in Guild Wars 2.
Guild Wars 2 Ranger Profession Guide -- Hungry Like The Wolf
No matter what profession you are and no matter what race you play, you can craft in Guild Wars 2. You can have two crafting disciplines active at a given time, which are activated by speaking to the associated trainer. Trainers are scattered all about Tyria, but the easiest and most obvious place to look is going to be the major cities.

If you’re having some trouble finding the trainers, open your map and click the eye icon located in the lower left corner. This will allow you to toggle on and off map icons, including those for crafting trainers. Interacting with a discipline’s trainer is simple and painless, and the trainer themselves will be able to explain the discipline in greater detail if you’re curious. If you want to know what each crafting discipline produces, here are all eight disciplines broken down:

Once you’ve chosen your discipline, approach the appropriate crafting table and interact with it. This will bring up the crafting window. There are four tabs in the crafting window: the discovery tab, the production tab, the bank tab, and the collections tab. Here are some basic tips and notes for each one.

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