Guild Wars 2: The Origin of the Orr Wraith

By contrast, Ascalon looked like a country of northern Europe, it was cold and dry, and it had low supplies. But Ascalon also had its own graceful bearing, such as the beautiful of the lake, so people of Ascalon also had their own cheap Guild wars 2 gold.
“My guests, you come finally.” An envoy of the White Mantle Guild came to welcome us, and his name was Browne.
It was so troublesome, only the prince could bear it.
“We got the help of your guild, and I should thank you very much.” The prince said, and then he became serious suddenly: “But I have a presuming question, and I don’t know whether I could ask you.”
“What do you want to ask? Do it.” The envoy said.
“We saw much wraith on the way to the village, and they were considered to be the wraith of Orr. As far as I know, Orr is a country, and it is on the south of the continent. Why did the wraith come to your country?” The meaning of the prince was that the wraith of Orr should stay in Orr.
“It is this, prince; I want to tell you early. The White Mantle Guild is the host here, so we should give you and your people the safety and peace, even we should buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.”
After a while, he said again: “But it is unlucky that Kryta becomes enmeshed in a new war, human beings fight with the wraith. Though the wraith is not stronger than the charr, but they also disturb our manufacture and life with their skills and their Guild Wars 2 gold.”
“We call the wraith as the wraith of Orr, because they come from Orr. Two years ago, when the reign of fire came, Ascalon was nearly destroyed, and Kryta and Orr also had the difficulties, though the economy of our country is developed, but the military strength is the weakest among these three countries. Our soldiers are also not strong as your soldiers.”
He stopped for a while, and then he said again: “Our country was going to be destroyed by the charr, at this moment, our great leader of the White Mantle Guild saved Kryta, and he created a miracle. But Orr was unlucky, I heard that people of Orr fought with the charr fiercely, people lost much blood and the Guild Wars 2 gold, and there were many dead bodies on the ground. The charr got into the imperial palace at last, and the master of the palace read the forbidden incantation.”

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