Guild Wars 2 : TMORBG: Predicting ZhaitanGuild Wars 2 : TMORBG: Predicting Zhaitan

TemperHoof is back with an epic new update to his official user blog, “Temper’s Massively Overblown Ranting Blog [about] Gaming”. In his latest post, Temper muses on the awesome potential of Guild Wars 2’s dragon fights. Will they be as incredible as we hope? Will they be a complete downer? Read on to find out!
Just because Zhaitan will be big, doesn’t mean the fight will be anything more than an impressive visual: an unarguably stunning show of cinematic craftsmanship. Will the battle itself truly feel dangerous and have the kind of real skill driven difficulty it takes to make such a powerful dragon truly memorable for all who encounter it? Probably not! The key to this reasoning is looking back upon the trends of MMO gaming and taking a look at some of the most epic dragon battles. We will see why Zhaitan may not be as epic as he could be, and why we have to deal with that reality. We will also look over what we as customers can do in the future to help improve our overall gaming experience, and question ourselves what it is we really want — and what really, truly is… epic.

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