Guild Wars 2 Update: Sky Pirates of Tyria is ushered

ArenaNet surprised all players again in Dragon Bash Festival! We might have thought the Dragon Bash Festival would conclude smoothly with a happy ending, while, we now realize it’s far from over. It’s warming up for it’s next big update: Sky Pirated of Tyria by introducing someone murdered in Lion’s Arch at the end. The new content was announced to hit on June 25, which is set players in an ongoing investigation headed by Inspector Ellen Kiel, forcing everyone to participate in several events to track down the perpetrator.

New Dungeon, new events, rewards and features are bringing in with the upcoming update.
Guild Wars 2 Update: Sky Pirates of Tyria
Aetherblade Retreat, the new pirates-themed dungeon, is a place where players will confront and battle against enemies like the Aetherblade Captain and First Mate.

Sea of Sorrows, the third original Guild Wars novel and the new event, Sea of Sorrows Scavenger Hunt are planned to meet players on June, 25. Clues to the plaques’ location ( that is set up to honor the history of the city Cobiah Marriner and its founder.) are hinted in Sea of Sorrows and players are able to earn five skill points after completing the scavenger hunt.

For playing through the Sky Pirates of Tyria content, players will be rewarded with Aetherblade caches, a First Mate Horrik miniature companion, and a monocle. Mortar Mastery is scheduled to join the growing list of WvW abilities. Diverse skills improvement like increasing mortar blast radius, beefing up on damage, reducing skill recharge will be seen. Even new skill will be added.

Alleged the largest skill and trait balance update patch is introducing as well. Every single profession trait and even some less popular skills included are seeing changes.

Good news for those who missed the Dragon Bash items. Players have another and the last chance to get Dragon Bash items in Sky Pirates of Tyria. Please pay attention to the date, June 8 (you might set a alert in your cellphone if possible), only till when do you have to pick up a Fireworks Launcher or some Rich Dragon Coffers.

Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria, the new permanent content leads players to a fresh chapter in the Living World series and we all look forward to seeing how the story will play out. More details please go to Guild Wars 2 official website. And please feel free to share your opinions in the comment section.

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