Guild Wars 2 World battlefield matching mode massive changes

Now, the GW2 server according to their precise rating every 3 months for a group allocation. This does not cause too much of the matching combination, and it is actually the server locks in its level, with little change. With the same grouping more and more, our ranking data becomes inaccurate, but also significantly more Guild Wars 2 Gold . We’ll match time to adjust to a week, so that each server can fight with the same level of the server, we will pay more attention to who is who opponent.

Basically, any athletic competition as soon as the ladder, then all matches are impossible to occur at the same time. At the same time there will be a large group of people to join the ladder had to choose, which means that with your man of the match will be created in matching people closest to you. In the case of the World battlefield in Guild Wars 2, where only the server 24, and all the matching is occurring simultaneously.

To address this problem, we will randomly match on the part of the server, of course, we do not match the one server to another server ratings gap is very large. This gap is based on your server’s rating and deviation to the top of the data in our rating system, the rating does not accurately reflect the current capabilities. However, through a combination of rating and deviation can draw a more accurate range, you know, the server’s rating will lie. This is what we used to determine the basic concepts of the server random match. Ratings by the server increases and decreases, we can achieve a random combination, so that we can wear a fresh week’s game, so the server matches the rating relatively close together.

We can see match is still a trend from high to low ratings, but some combination of great differences in ratings (eg ranks eighth kaineng will fight ranked blackgate). This is completely random, did not think the factors to operate, it is impossible to repeat every week. Matching repeated chances will be significantly reduced. Theoretically speaking, players can experience every week is not the same opponents, but not most of the same. We hope that our world battlefield enthusiasts can enjoy this new challenge, but also for each server maintains its own position on the ladder to increase challenge.

In addition, we will in the world battle groups on the ladder to add a new list, so everyone can know what they are grouping. Now, the group show very subtle, because each group are ranked according to a group of three, but wait until after the match system changes, this situation will not happen again. Guild Wars 2 Players can sort through the group to see the match match, you can also view your own server rating list ranking.

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