GW 2 Best Dressed Contest

The few Soundcloud files Anet has posted have already been downloaded over a million times and to celebrate that, they have uploaded another six sound files. Check out their Soundcloud page to hear the new pieces as well as the old.
Oh, oh, oh, let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height! is putting on a Guild Wars 2 Best Dressed contest with some nice prizes (1st custom character portrait & 4,000 gems, 2nd GW2 Gaming Mouse & 2,000 gems, 3rd GW2 LE Strategy Guide & 2,000 gems). You can submit screen shots or videos. Click this link for more information. And good luck to everyone who enters!

Finally, Anet’s Colin Johanson and Martin Kerstein did a Livestream chat on their upcoming plans for Living World and the future of the game. Check it out on their page (26min). A few notes: they will be bringing back the Aetherblade Retreat and Molten Weapons Facility as Fractals. Blog post on what the non-Living World teams are working on will be up on Thursday. They are considering “world divergence” so that different servers will have different results/stories. Traditional expansion vs. Living World still not decided. LFG tool still being worked on, should be out this year. They looked into porting to a game console and decided against.

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