GW 2 favourite weapon combinations

When soloing, I like to use the sword (main)/pistol (off) and swap to the 2h staff. I feel like this weapon combination give me the most versatility as I can melee, attack from range, hand out boons and conditions and handle myself decently in AoE situations.
Pistol give me a ranged phantasm and crowd control for multiple enemies (upto 3). Sword allows me to deal great damage up-close and Blurred Frenzy really come in handy due to the invulnerability effect it gives (nice to stand in the middle of a group of mobs). Blurred Frenzy also complements Chaos Storm from the staff quite well as I can run in, activate Blurred Frenzy, drop Chaos Storm, and leap out using Feigned Death at the last second to get “free” Chaos Armor via the combo effect.

For attacking from ranged and kiting, I can just spam Winds of Chaos and use Feigned Escape whenever it is on cooldown. This is a lazy way to get 3 illusions to use for shattering (covered in the next section). Illusionary Leap and Illusionary Warlock are the two other illusion summoning skills and they both complement their respective weapons quite well (Illusionary Leap allow me to get inside a group mobs to melee via the chain skilled – Swap and Illusionary Warlock deals more damage the more conditions are present on the enemies). On top of all these, you basically cover your foes in conditions and enhance your allies with boons.

in groups when you need to play a support role, swapping the pistol to the focus offhand allow you to aid group members that are kiting mobs and protect them from projectiles (if they are smart enough to run to the phantasm and hide under it).

If you really love to stay in and melee, the sword offhand or the torch offhand might be better suited as they have more melee friendly abilities (i.e. block, stealth).

My gripe with the scepter mainhand is that while it is an excellent ranged weapon, it is limited to single target. 2h staff can fill the role of the scepter and also do quite abit of AoE damage.

The alternative to the staff would the greatsword but it’s lacking in its AoE abilities and I find its playstyle a bit weird. If you keep the enemy too close to you, you can use Mind Stab but your Spatial Surge will do crappy damage. If you keep the enemy too far out, your Mind Stab won’t do any damage but your Spatial Surge will perform at maximum. Illusionary Wave may aim to solve this issue by allowing you to knock the enemies back after you damage them with Mind Stab but its long cooldown means it won’t be up everytime you want to use it.

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