GW 2 Gather and discover

I’m assuming you have followed my beginner tips and have already purchased, equipped and used, gathering tools to collect materials…you need these to make stuff! These materials will appear in your inventory. There are 2 elements to crafting as I see it, discovering new recipes and crafting items using recipes already present in your crafting screen.
Discovery is done by dragging and dropping various elements into the right hand side of the Discovery tab as seen below, until the message displays you may have found something.

Production is done by creating an item from a recipe already in your inventory – You will only gain experience from these if the text is not white.

You can access new recipes by reaching the appropriate crafting level, you may need to first learn the recipe through discovery or a recipe sheet. Discovery tends to give you more experience, but crafting items in coloured, not white text that are already on your recipe list, also yields XP. You can only craft at designated crafting stations, which are located in every city and major outpost.  Some materials may need refining before you can make items with them, copper ore for example, needs to be refined, in order to make copper ingots, which make jewellery fittings. Some items of armour require you to make a few elements first, shoes may require both a sole and an upper, which you then combine to make a slipper for example.

Additional Points to note.

Each discipline has 400 levels. Every 75 levels, a character gets access to new recipes for making basic crafting components.
Crafting levels are grouped into ranks;

Characters earn crafting experience (CXP) in a discipline whenever they craft recipes at that discipline’s station. In addition, characters earn normal experience at the same time, making it possible to progress a character all the way to level 80 through crafting alone!
Every character race and class can learn all recipes and create the same products.
If you level a crafting profession to 400, you do not gain any more experience for crafting items or even discovering new recipes.

So there you have it, get out into the world, chop trees, mine ore and farm food, then take that all to your local crafting station and experiment! Virtually all the armour I am currently wearing at Level 50 has come from one of my guild members crafting it for me (I repay them with amulets and rings that boost their stats!) so crafting can really give you an edge in the game. Fire any questions at me in the comments, or share your tips progress and stories with others there

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