GW 2 Hot Tips to Level Up Fast

As with any MMO, one of the key focuses of GW2 is leveling. The current level cap for GW2 is level 80. There are many, many different ways to earn experience and level up in this game. Unlike other games where pretty much the only thing that earns you XP is getting kills, Guild Wars 2 allows you to do a variety of tasks such as get kills, complete heart quests, participate in dynamic events, explore the world, complete personal story quests, gather, craft and much more all to earn experience for your character.
Guild Wars 2 Events
Leveling is actually pretty simple in GW2. It is very much possible to level from 1 to 80 in a matter of days. This requires playing quite a bit each day but is possible nonetheless. Several players have jumped to 80 in just 3 days. Below we have outlined several of the best methods of earning tons of experience quickly in-game.

While many players aren’t interested in the storyline of games and don’t care to play through it, it still remains a great way to level your character. Each story part gives you the chance to fight a large variety of enemies that all provide experience points when you kill them. Plus, every time you complete a section of your personal story you’ll earn a level-appropriate piece of gear, a decent amount of coin, some Karma, and a hefty helping of experience.

On both your mini-map and world map you’ll notice empty hearts. These signify the locations of renown heart quests. These quests are generally things you can do to help NPCs within the area such as kill hostile creatures, collect certain items, and a few other tasks. Renown hearts are easy to complete and offer a generous amount of both karma and experience points. You’ll also be awarded with a bit of coin and, in some cases, access to a new karma vendor.

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