GW 2 Mesmer Chaos Storm

Chaos Storm is probably one of the biggest AoE abiliites the Mesmer get. When you click on the ability, you get a circle on the ground you can drop. Place that circle on the ground will place random conditions and boons to enemies and allies standing inside it (respectively) for 5 seconds. You get a choice of 4 conditions and 3 boons and an additional boon/condition seems to be applied for each second the enemy/ally is standing inside the storm. In the picture below, you can see I dropped Chaos Storm on an enemy and the first condition it received its Chilled, which lasts for 1 second. When Chilled is about to fade, you can see that Fear (1s) was applied next. You will want to stay inside the circle as much as possible to maximize the amount of boons you will receive and leap out the last second using Feigned Escape to receive a “free” Chaos Armor.

Something I find super neat is that the boons and conditions that Chaos storm produces are different from the ones provided by Wind of Chaos and Chaos Armor, giving you a large arsenal of boons and conditions just with one weapon.

Mirror Blade is a semi AoE attack like the Wind of Chaos from the staff. The downside with this ability is that it has a 8 seconds cooldown but it deals significantly more damage (280 damge for Mirror Blade vs 168 damage for Wind of Chaos at level 80) and summons a clone at its final target. It doesn’t apply any conditions to the foes it hit but does provide Might (+5-35 power) to nearby allies (if you are standing too far, you won’t get the boon).

Mind Stab is actually a close ranged high damage melee attack (despite the fact that it says range 1200 on the tooltip). This is the ability you would use when enemies get close to you as it deals high very damage and applies 5 stacks of Vulnerability condition on the enemy.

Phantasmal Berserker is a melee phantasm that swings a greatsword around and cripple enemies (-50% movement speed). Unfortunately, this phantasm has a significant “start-up” time and cannot attack enemies until it is close to them. This in combination with its low health make it fairly useless in my opinion (ranged enemies can kill it in 2 hits, see video).

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