GW 2 New Crafting Material Rewards

We’ll also add a new set of account-bound crafting materials to the game. You’ll receive these materials as guaranteed rewards once per day per unique location for completing content within a category of gameplay in Guild Wars 2.
For example, capturing camps, towers, and keeps in WvW will earn you these crafting materials. In the Living World, you can earn them for killing giant world bosses, defeating dungeons, completing jumping puzzles, completing mini-dungeons, finishing some types of guild missions, capturing temples in Orr, and other activities.

Mix it up and try your favorite mini-dungeons one day, your favorite jumping puzzles the next day, and on an another day capture supply camps in WvW instead to earn the crafting material. Or if you want to do all three in one day, the choice is yours! Players can earn each of these guaranteed reward crafting materials from a variety of content across both PvE and WvW to give players choice in what type of content they enjoy.

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