GW 2 race Charr

Suitable Classes: Warrior, Engineer, Necromancer
Ideal for those who played the first game
Guild Wars 2: Which Race is Right for You?
These cats of war are the very model of a military society with a clearly defined code of conduct, different competing legions and a love of competition and conflict. Deceit, double-crosses and political manoeuvring become a big part of the Charr story right from the off, but there’s no diplomacy or anything like that, instead all matters are settled by a blade, bow or rifle. In Guild Wars 2, the Charr are playable for the first time and if you have any memories of the first game we strongly recommend you start out with this class, as gaining an insight into what makes the hierarchy of these warrior kitties tick is really quite fascinating.

Choosing a legion makes a big impact on the story as well, so select your character’s allegiance to Iron, Blood or Ash Legions very carefully. Iron is best for Engineers, Blood is good for those who practice the dark arts, and Ash is best for more of the traditional soldier types. Some of the dialogue can be a bit dry with the Charr, as they aren’t really known for their tall tales or winning sense of humour, so these guys are perhaps best for those who like traditional fantasy fiction and don’t mind characters who are over-burdened with an inflated sense of self-importance.

Handily ArenaNet have given players five different character slots to try out each one, but there’s nothing quite worse than investing ten hours or so only to decide that the Human story isn’t quite sucking you in, or that the Charr are a bit two battle hardened for you to feel a connection with any of the characters. Well, that’s where our handy guide comes in.

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