GW 2 race Humans

Suitable Classes: Ranger, Thief
Ideal for beginners
Guild Wars 2: Which Race is Right for You?
Choosing a regular old homosapien in Guild Wars 2 is a bit like going to an ‘All You Can Eat Buffet’ and filling up on bread rolls, but our breed does function as a good starter class if you haven’t played too many MMORPGs before. In Guild Wars 2 humanity has been pushed back from the place of superiority in the first game, thanks to the emergence of an ancient dragon which has wiped out their former homeland. That isn’t to say they’re entirely out of sorts though, as they still have a magnificent capital city and intriguing power struggles over how they set about reclaiming their lost regions which have become over run with ghostly apparitions. If you want a gentle introduction to the realm of Tyria, this race is your best bet. We think the Ranger and Thief are the ideal classes choices for the Humans as they work well with the fiction, as humanity are one of the innately weaker beings of ArenaNet’s fiction. Both Ranger and Thief aren’t known for their head-on strength, but in battle they use their wits and guile to cause damage and take down other foes effectively.

We’ve detailed the premise of each race in Guild Wars 2 and their respective sensibilities, so you can approach that initial option when you create a character with a least a slight tinge of confidence. It’s worth noting that our story tastes may differ from yours and many of the major story beats for each race are customisable in the Guild Wars 2′s character creation screen, but seeing as we’ve played each race during the game’s numerous Beta weekends, we feel as though we’ve got a handle on each option. Also each of Guild Wars 2′s eight different character classes are compatible with each of the game’s five different races, we’ve just highlighted the options which we think make the most sense.

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