GW 2 race Norn

Suitable Classes: Warrior, Guardian, Ranger
Ideal for explorers
Guild Wars 2: Which Race is Right for You?
The Norn were first introduced in Guild Wars’ final expansion Eye of the North, and they’ve had a special place in our hearts ever since. These gentle giants prize strength and honour above all else, yet they aren’t afraid to let their hair down after a battle with booze and brawls functioning as a major component of their typical Saturday night. If you have any affinity for Gimli from Lord of the Rings, then this is the race for you as the Norn share a lot of personality traits with Tolkien’s Dwarves. This race’s story revolves around The Great Hunt, a big competition to find the strongest of all Norn warriors, but this pompous competition is really just an excuse for lots of killing, drinking and exploration.

Notably this race also has the ability to transform into different forms, such as a wolf, raven or snow-leopard. In the grand scheme, the Norn are a bit of a crazy race bursting with lots of personality and funny dialogue. Seeing as the Norn hail from the north, expect to see plenty of snow, forest and mountainous regions, and make no mistake these are absolutely beautiful. If you like exploring beautiful environments and don’t mind pledging your allegiance to mythical spirits every few quests, the Norn are perfect for you.

We’ve detailed the premise of each race in Guild Wars 2 and their respective sensibilities, so you can approach that initial option when you create a character with a least a slight tinge of confidence. It’s worth noting that our story tastes may differ from yours and many of the major story beats for each race are customisable in the Guild Wars 2′s character creation screen, but seeing as we’ve played each race during the game’s numerous Beta weekends, we feel as though we’ve got a handle on each option. Also each of Guild Wars 2′s eight different character classes are compatible with each of the game’s five different races, we’ve just highlighted the options which we think make the most sense.

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