GW2 mesmer 2h weapons

The staff is probably one of my favourite weapons as it is my goto weapon for AoE fights and handles itself quite well as a ranged weapon on single target fights. The staff does have a bit of random nature to it as some of the boons (buffs) and conditions (debuffs) it applies are a bit random.

Wind of Chaos is your primary attack, it is a mini AoE attack as the orb can bounce between enemies if they are close together. This attack will also apply one of the 3 random conditions to enemies it hits and apply one of two boons to you or nearby allies with every attack (it seems to give boons to whoever it is closest when the orb bounce back)

Feigned Escape is an ability I find extremely useful, especially when kiting. It is an ability with a 10s cooldown that teleport you a short distance away from the direction you are facing. At the same time, the ability summons a clone at your original position that casts Wind of Chaos repeatedly. One combo that I find super neat is running into the middle of a group of mobs, cast Chaos Storm directly on top of yourself and when the Chaos storm is about to be over, escape out immediately with Feigned Escape. This will trigger a combo (etheral field + leap finisher) and apply Chaos Armor on yourself!

Illusionary Warlock is a ranged phantasm that deals extra damage for each condition on the enemy. This goes well with Chaos Storm/Chaos Armor as they tend to apply a lot of conditions to enemies. Since the phantasm can take a bit of time to start up once you summon it, I recommend summoning it right before you use Chaos Storm/Chaos Armor to get maximum effectiveness (due to the amount conditions these abilities stack onto enemies).

Chaos Armor is sort of a protective armor that applies boons to you and applies conditions to enemies whenever they hit you during a 5 second span. Like the Wind of Chaos, the boons and conditions are random (choice of two for boons and choice of three for conditions). One mistake I find myself make a lot with Chaos armor is running around from the mobs after I activated the armor. Unless you are really low on health, you will want mobs to whack you as to maximum the amount of condition and boons you receive from Chaos Armor.

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