Latest Content Update DeployedLatest Content Update Deployed

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the latest content update to Forsaken World: Nightfall has been released. In addition to the usual bug fixes and feature enhancements, a new battlefield is now available. Called the Frostgate Fjord, the battleground features level-based matchmaking, new gear, and a chance at a rare land mount.

This latest update has something for all players, new and veteran. The new battleground system complements the game’s existing Player vs Player mechanics by introducing new matchmaking and combat systems while granting powerful new rewards. Players will also find Guilds more rewarding than ever before with a new Guild Treasure system. Additionally, veteran players will benefit from expanded Soul Power trees that will give them greater flexibility in PvP combat. For those players at the top of their game, new weapons have been added to bring players even closer to being gods.

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