Lord of the Rings Online : Mithril Edition AnnouncedLord of the Rings Online : Mithril Edition Announced


Turbine has announced the released of the “Mithril Edition” of Lord of the Rings Online that will only be available at GameStop. The new version of LOTRO sports a nifty $29.99 price tag and a bunch of special edition in-game goodies.
  • Exclusive ‘Steed of the Horse-lords’ Mount – Travel Middle-earth in style with this exclusive in-game mount! Saddle up as early as level 5 and be on your way to adventure much faster than on foot!
  • Path of the Fellowship Bonus Quests – Forge your own legend in Middle-earth alongside Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf. From the Shire to Rivendell – adventure in a masterful recreation of Middle-earth! Includes the Trollshaws, Eregion, Mines of Moria, and Lothlorien.
  • 2,000 Turbine Points – Customize your LOTRO experience with 2,000 points to spend in Middle-earth! Buy cosmetic gear, rare mounts, experience boosts, buffs and more. 
Head to your local GameStop to grab your copy.

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