Negative Skill of the Enemies in Guild Wars 2

Just when the task began, many panic villagers of Kryta appeared, they were chasing by the wraith, and it seemed that they were very terrible, because they did not have much Guild wars 2 gold. Of course, we must protect the villagers first.
A new kind of monsters appeared in the group of the wraith, it was the Hellhound. I remembered that the Hellhound was charge for guarding the gate of the hell in the Greek mythology, and they were real demon. They were sanguinary and ossified, and they were very ugly. The most obvious characteristic of them was that they had three heads.
Many people said that the Hellhound was surrounding by the fire, but the fire was not simple fire, it was the hell fire, and it was not afraid of water, it could burn and swallow everything. So the Hellhound was called the Fire hound sometimes.
But the Hellhounds of Orr did not have the characteristics above, they only had one head, and there was no the hell fire. I thought they should be called the skeleton hound, and they should not have much Guild Wars 2 gold.
The Hellhound could use the skill of bleeding, it was the Frangibility, its profession was Mesmer, and it was the negative magic.
When the enemy had new symptom or resumed from the old symptom, they enemy would take five to seventeen point of damage, the effect would last for eight to eighteen seconds, and it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was 1, the cooling time was 5.
The skeleton Mesmer used a negative skill on the sneak; the skill of the Frangibility could damage the enemy who had new symptom.
If a person got ten symptoms in a short time, then he would lose half blood, and he even could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold by himself.
The Frangibility would last for nearly twenty seconds, and the cooling time was only five seconds, so he could use it for everybody, even if the monk got rid of it, he could also add it with the Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.
The negative skill of Mesmer was really great to the enemies; they could use it for many times.
It was the Illusion Misery, its profession was Mesmer, and it was the negative magic, it could last for ten seconds, after the function of this skill disappeared, the enemy would be hurt badly, it consumed ten point of energy, and the casting time was 2, the cooling time was 15.

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