The Elite Skill of the Soldiers in Guild Wars

There was a common characteristic for the soldiers of Khulna, and it was the thick scarf, which wrapped the head. Maybe because Khulna was too hot, and from this way, they could prevent to get sun burnt. But Sparta thought they looked like the terrorists of Middle East.
“They are too despicable, and they have the elite skills! They already have enough cheap Guild Wars 2 gold!” Rancor said, and then he pointed at a thing which looked like a crystal tortoise.
It was the Furious Fire, it was an elite skill, and its profession was freelancer, its type was specialization, its attribute was nature ritual.
This skill could create the furious wraith which was in level 1 to 8, and all of living creatures in the range would get anger, they would also increase their speed, the furious wraith would disappear after 30 to 54 seconds, and it consumed 5 point of energy, the casting time was 3, the cooling time was 30.
“What is the elite skill? Can I get the Guild Wars 2 gold by it?” Sparta asked, he saw the explanation of the elite skill, but he still did not understand it.
“The elite skill is stronger than simple skill, but only one elite skill could be equipped for one battle.”
“I know, but why don’t we have the elite skill? And then we don’t need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” Sparta asked again, he looked at his skill bar, and then he found that there were only some simple skills.
“So I said they were despicable just now, because now you don’t have enough power to equip with elite skill. There are only two ways to get the elite skill, you can get it from the strong BOSS of monsters, and you can also get one book for elite skill. The soldiers of Ossa should take the second way.”
“It is great, so Coil should give us some books for elite skill next time.” Sparta said, but it was obvious that it was only joke.
“But you should see that the furious wraith which is created by the elite skill is good for us, because you and Knox have the profession which consumes anger without Guild Wars 2 gold, so it is not too bad for us.” The freelancer of Khulna used the Furious Fire to help the two warriors in his team, but the nature wraith could not recognize the enemy and mate, so it gave the convenience to Sparta.
“Warriors of Spear of Sun, we will show our power.” One warrior said politely.

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