The Fictitious People of Khulna in Guild Wars

Sparta thought they were too fictitious, and they even used the elite skill and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. Sparta did not hurry, and then he used the Ready to Fighting, Flame Hymn, Signet of Aggression and Carefulness in order.
The two warriors of Khulna took the sword, though the sword looked winding, and it looked like the knife of Arabian.
It was the Destruction Slash, it was an elite skill, and its profession was warrior, its type was strength, its attribute was a skill in close combat, when it hit the goal, it could give the goal 5 to 17 point of extra damage.
If the enemy had buff skill, and then this attack could not be blocked, it consumed 5 point of energy, the casting time was 0.5, and the cooling time was 3, and then the user did not need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
This was the best elite skill of the warriors in Khulna, and though the attack was not high, it had a fast starting time, there was only 0.5 seconds, and it also had short cooling time, there were only 3 seconds. The more important thing was that the enemy who had buff skill could not block. Many players who had professions of spell department protected themselves by buff spell, and then this skill was the nightmare for them.
It was lucky that Sparta had the hymn, and he did not have the buff skill, but Hadley and Rancor were in danger.
Sparta and his mates could bear the attack of the two warriors with their skills and Guild Wars 2 gold reluctantly, but they must kill the monk behind the two warriors at once. When Sparta fought with the hawk monsters before, he knew the order of killing monsters, if there was a monk, he should kill the monk first, or else he should kill the oracle first.
A Spear of Thorns with the strength of Flame Hymn was thrown out.
Sparta used to use this skill, and the enemy who was hit by it would have the symptoms of burning and bleeding, and then the enemy would lose much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold, so the monk of Khulna also suffered these symptoms. But the monk was not nervous, he lifted his hand, and then he eliminated the symptoms easily.
It was the Rehabilitation, and its profession was monk, its type was protection prayer, its attribute was mantra, and it could remove a kind of symptom for mate, if this goal had the buff skill, it would give the goal 15 to 63 point of physical strength, this skill consumed 5 point of energy, the casting time was 0.75, the cooling time was 3.

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