The Skills of the Disciplinary Monks in Guild

It was the Buff Distilling, its profession was Mesmer, its attribute was mantra, it could disperse a buff of the enemy, after it was successful, the user would get 15 to 23 point of energy, and it consumed fifteen point of energy, the casting time was 2, the cooling time was 20.
This skill could help them to recover energy and Guild Wars 2 gold. It was obvious that the minor profession of the four monks was Mesmer, so they could resolve the problem of shortening energy to a certain degree.
They should remove a buff skill of enemy, and then they could add blue.
Santana had the elite skill of Elemental Compatibility, so this elite skill was distilled.
Shit! These hateful monks were really hard to kill, even if we had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold now, it was also difficult to kill them, if I had the skill which resembled the Magic Biting, it would be better. I did not know whether I had enough time to change.
I had no other way, I changed finally, the disciplinary monks did not have any skill of interrupting, I used a Magic Biting to a disciplinary monk, and then I smiled, I only waited to see his death. But I was so surprised, because the skill stopped soon.
It was the Disciplinary Mantra, its profession was monk, its type was smiting prayers, and its attribute was mantra, when the user removed a negative spell from the friendly target successfully, other enemies nearby would get 10 to 70 point of damage, it consumed five point of energy, the casting time was 1, and the cooling time was 12.
It was the skill of getting rid of negative skill of disciplinary department, and it could also give enemy damage at the same time. I lapsed, I even gave the enemies a chance to hit us, and Winnie lost much point of life, and I even forgot to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was lucky that there was no other skill of damage after the Disciplinary Mantra, and Winnie recovered strength and Guild Wars 2 gold after Polly’s healing. We fought with them for a long time, and then we killed one of them finally, we were very tired.
It was the Signet of Resurrecting, they had this skill unexpectedly, the dead disciplinary monk stood up in the white light again, and he was still strong, he went on using the skill. Several minutes passed since the battle began, and I thought the eight skills of the disciplinary should be used.

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