Wow guide and strategies for players’ reference

“When he first returned from the timeways,” Tick continued hesitantly, “he recounted what he saw. No matter where he and the others attempted to journey in history, they always emerged at the same point in the future… the Hour of Twilight.” Nozdormu lowered his head and clenched his eyes shut. It was as he had feared. The strands of time had been gathered and pulled toward the apocalypse. In that gray and lifeless future, even the Timeless One would meet his end. That, at least, was what he believed. Ages ago, when the titan Aman’Thul had imbued him with his mastery over time, Nozdormu had also gained knowledge of his own demise.

“Who was responsible for hisss wounds?” The Timeless One knew the answer, but he hoped more than anything that he was wrong… that what he had seen was an anomaly. “It was the infinite dragonflight and leader.” Tick averted her eyes from Nozdormu. I have murdered one of my own. The damning words echoed in the Aspect’s head. He had once thought the infinite flight was merely a symptom of an errant timeline. Yet, as inconceivable as it seemed, he had learned that he and his bronze dragons would in the future abandon their sacred charge—protecting the integrity of time—and work to subvert it.

Nozdormu mulled over the events of the past weeks, struggling to control his anger. He had been trapped in the timeways until recently, when the mortal Thrall had reminded him of the First Lesson: that living in the moment was far more important than dwelling on the past or future. The bronze Aspect had emerged from his captivity with a newfound understanding of time… only to find himself now confronted by his darkest fears. Nozdormu whispered to Zirion, not knowing whether his beloved servant could still see or hear. The wounded bronze cocked his head in recognition. He gazed from side to side until his dull and cloudy eyes locked on Nozdormu. As the last of Zirion’s future bled out of him, he used whatever remained of his strength to push himself away from Nozdormu, his eyes filled with terror.

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