Final fantasy 14 fool fishing guide

Is the collection of the beta3 new profession, many of the fishermen in the game was a hard day at the beach, apparently there is no find the right way. So here contribute a fool fishing guide to share with you ~!

First of all, as a qualified fisherman, you must buy a set of fishing gear, fishing rod and bait), you can buy from fishing association. (fishing association luo found in central city on the map there are fish, very good to recognize)

Suggest that novice with some money to buy advanced bait, bait the hook is faster.

Well, you now good fishing rod and bait, can go fishing now. But the fish is not a fool, remember to use bait fishing, bait in the right hand side pocket, not the deputy, oh).

When you installed rod, go to the beach or river will see “!” An exclamation point, cooperate with keys (the Home or small keyboard “-” key), you can click on the “fishing” began fishing!!!!

When you start to go fishing for fish, you guess what I see?

Yes, that looks very familiar with the depth of the groove, and also ask you to put a hook to which layer. Do you remember when you dig and cut down a tree?

Actually the novice stage at how deep the doesn’t matter much, as long as you choose a point down hook line, also someone says new fish like the shallow layer in upper-middle-class, anyway, try more, try a few times and won’t get pregnant.

After you choose the right water depth, and mining and logging, pops up fishing operation area, but not the sort of mining in the circle shape is not logging the crescent shape, this is a fan power slot.

Now you need to click “wait”, and the patience to wait for the fish gently touch the bait or biting the hook, or you will waste time to repeat again just a series of operations.

The number of fish gently touch the bait than the number of fish to bite down by hook, but it is not good I try only 10 times before they succeeded (bait and the higher the grade, the greater the interest of the fish, so the front to know why you picked the senior bait!)

If you crazy try without bait fishing, you will find that the fish are interested in your hook and touch it takes 5 to 10 times that of a bait, to say the last bite the hook bait, the membership dues on more time. In general reactions to bait fish has the following two phases

1 – wait gets you a nibble (bit), A nibble is interested in your bait fish began to slowly close to eating

2 – waits gets you a bite. Then wait until they bite bite

Complete the above two steps, click on the rod “Jig”, if you are biting your hook bait fish, you have to start a game of should. Then you should pay attention to the emergence of a “Remainder” groove, there is a blue but didn’t fill up, this is your HP and to fight the fish tank. When the blue bar, you want to find a suitable location to fish from the water, you can see a marked point is sloshing around.

This MINI game will give you senior visual and spiritual enjoyment! Want to pull the fish, you have to do is click on the pole “Jig” to try to hit the point, and the highest enjoyment is accurately hit the point, when you hit your fishing rod there will be a halo effect of fluctuations, at the same time there will be a sweet sound.

When you click on each lift rod “Jig”, you will find the article in the “Remainder” blue will decline, out of the blue bar before you have missed the point, you would have failed. This vulnerability depends on your fishing skill level and the difficulty of you hook the fish (this is random).

You can once is done, also may be more than five times until you have a broken line also (and this is unfortunately) because your bait of what are all the fish back into the sea.

The following is my brief fishing experience:

English: You \ ‘ve hooked something but always biennial reel it in. “You seem to catch something, but you can’t pull it up” (in this message is in the beginning, the next and then ask the staff there will be a true fish bait hint)

English: The fish is taking The line. Nearly the bait fish (this message appears, with further in order to hit your target you want to calm, otherwise you will be more than the line frequency tolerance.)

English information: You take in some line. You got a little line. (you start excited, because your goals are getting closer and closer to you)

English: You take in a great deal of the line. You received a lot of line (you should be very nervous excited at this moment, but it’s not the time, a little closer to hit him again)

English: The fish from The tired, but you still always biennial reel it in. The fish was nearly is very tired, but is not yet the time to pull it up. (this means that you hit the point, but you have to hook it hit him once!)

As the sound of a musical… English: You obtain 2 strips of malm (chalk) kelp (kelp)

congratulations! You Got It!

Fishing is to provide materials for other manufacturing industries, such as you will catch the cooking ingredients, and gold with seafood, as to how specific manufacturing, let us share manufacturing come again next time.

There is a place for the old players need to pay attention to: fishing this mark is in the middle of the fan near the place, not like mining right in the middle of token, logging is at the top.

Finally, if you want a little more than the number of occurrences of blue bars (article appear blue will be fishing points get), the first to buy a better bait, second layer choose different try a few times more, finally found in fish bites the hook, the rod is faster, beta3 greater risk has two points out of the blue bar:

One is when the target is just beginning to shift to the left but haven’t hit to the left along the fan left a quarter point; And there’s a target point just to the right but not hit by the fan of a quarter point right on the right.

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