Finally brackets Legends League World Championship set

With the end of the preliminary round to see who can enter the World Championship 2013. After several back and forth game, the Chinese team and the Royal Club OMG eventually enter the World Championship.

Championships will be broken down into two phases: A group and bracket. In the initial phase, A, B groups, each composed of five teams. Each of them will play against two opponents in their group, and, the top two will advance to the quarterfinals bracket.

Group A: OMG, Lemondogs, SK Telecom T1, TSM’s Snapdragon,

Group B: MVP ozone, team Mineski Gamibt BenQ, Fnatic’s Vulcun TechBargains

In their country’s four regional teams are automatically placed in the quarterfinals bracket, allowing them to skip the group stage.Here to supply Buy FFXIV Gil

Eight teams: Royal Club, cloud 9, HyperX, orange bear, Rajin Heijian

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