MU Legend Has A Sharper Graphical Background


MU Legend is an immersive online role-playing game developed in full 3D graphics with a variety of designs influenced by the Diablo franchise. In comparison to the first MU Online version released two decades ago, MU Legend has a sharper graphical background, more realistic effects. To learn latest news and update or guides, source from here.

MU Legend

According to a new update from MU Legend’s official news, the international version of the hot action online game will be officially Open Beta Test in september. As a matter of fact, MU Legend has caught players waiting a bit long when the game has opened beta in korea since march. Besides supporting many popular languages including English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese.

It’s worth mentioning that MU Legend will also focus on the development of a mapping system. The number and system of monsters in these maps will be enriched and above all the monster dropping feature will also come back on these maps, not just in the dungeon. Players are sure to still be able to pick rare items in these maps.

Hence, with the changes and improvements of MU Legend, the expectations of gamers were becoming more and more pressing for MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling. Anyway, MU Legend’s Global CBT soon to be launched in september. Now, the whole team of MU Legend dedicates itself to body and soul to offer the best possible title to its release.

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