New Innovations Of MU Legend And Nearly Perfect Graphics

MU Legend will continue the story and world view of MU Online version ahead. The game primarily based on the darker style the main character, but with a completely different character than the previous one. The game now has five basic characters: Archer, Blader, Dark Lord, War Mage, and Summoner.

MU Legend

In terms of graphics, the MU Legend is relatively beautiful, as well as creating close contact with MU Online fans have shown the need to break the old way. Accordingly, the details of the character and the environment are extremely sharp and lively, especially the effects of the skill is extremely beautiful and has a positive impact against MU Online. Consequently, a majority of gamers decide to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling without delay.

When it comes to gameplay, MU Legend will be a hybrid action role-playing game, looking from the third-person perspective as well as the original Diablo-like dungeons to difficult clones. It can be seen, MU gameplay is built very similar to Diablo III with more action moves than not a spit.

The character has additional moves such as non-body, somersault to dodge the skill of monsters, speed up the gameplay of the match up quite high. These are new innovations of this game, bringing the game out of the ‘drag’ that is no longer trendy anymore. In a word, the game reached a unbeatable success, for information about the successful gameplay, source from here.

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