Perfect Ten: mobile online game industry, I do not see the future

Video games despite – or, more precisely, because – my love, I will never as a developer, what do you want to work in the gaming industry. I think this is an industry that does not have a good track record of employment security, sensible hours, or product, you can actually spend several years of work, it may make shipments. But I love writing in the industry. I love the message. That’s why I prefer large.

I also like online games and studio news, because constantly surprise me. Hey, maybe you’re an amazing clairvoyant people, who can not predict, but accurately foresee all Jukes and turns, this industry make. I am not. When the spirit of the superpowers are handed out, I got a “fire people” rather than broad “know it all” capability seems to be a mere thought. I do not regret it. I mean, you probably already know, I was going to post pictures of Daniel-SAN and attacked Mr. Miyagi large bee on the front page.Here to supply Buy FFXIV Gil

But I think the surprise is part of the fun. Whatever it is, we have seen in the past, regardless of how any of us know about the games, it is strange to keep future developments. So this week I want to list 10 stories, I really do not see all.

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