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Lastest ¬†news Roberto FIRMINO instead of him to do the second appearance of Brazil, with 25 yards of scoring in the 83th minute Tuesday his country sent to the exhibition 2-1 victory over host Austria.1FIRMINO in Vienna after 62 minutes to replace luis adriano defeated the Austrian goalkeeper vladimir radmanovic Oeczan his first international goal. This is the sixth time in dunga’s Brazil’s winning streak. The team gave up its first goal, because it is hosted the World Cup. Austria’s nine games unbeaten record is over. David lewis gave Brazil took the lead to close in the 64th Oscar’s corner. Austrian Alexander Dragovic tied it with a penalty, foul after the 75th annual Academy Awards andreas weinmann. After Lionel messi and Argentina in the face of cristiano ronaldo and Portugal in the UK a busy evening of international football. Host belarus won 3-2 end of Mexico’s five games unbeaten. Raul Jimenez has twice the Mexico early in the second half of this year.

Japan of the 2015 Asian cup 2-1 favorite game against Australia. Colombia to beat Slovenia 1-0;Serbia Greece 2-0 blank; An Iranian handle South Korea 1-0. To find more Brazil and Austria football news from, and click here to buy cheap and best FiFA15 Coins online.

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