The producer said “final fantasy 14” PS4 and PC print quality, and the same

S of the host in the generation change, the new host version of the game quality is typically higher than the PC version, but at the cologne fair, final fantasy 14 “producer said PS4 version and the quality of the PC version will reach agreement.

Today in cologne game show, the final fantasy 14: rebirth country director and producer Naoki Yoshida expressed in an interview on PS4 games.

He said: “I think it was such a great PS4. We started making the game on PC platform development, now we have to use the PS4 development tool for development, the quality will be achieved.”

There is no doubt that if the game PS4 to reach the PC configuration quality now, SONY machine in the near future will have a host image quality is the most beautiful MMORPG games.

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