TOTY Offensive Player Prediction

In the upcoming of the 2014 FUT 15 TOTY, who will be selected for the final of the best team of the year 2014? Let’s predict the possible offensive player of the TOTY in this article.

How couldn’t there is no big star in TOTY? EA always based on the TOTY and TOTW to earn money from players. The super star likes Messi, C.Ronaldo will certainly be the best team of the year selected, there is no doubt about it.

LW: C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid / Portugal) C Ronaldo has achievement in this year, although the Portuguese did not go added in the Brazil World Cup , based on the four best record, in chief the Champions League. C. Ronaldo aswell can be called for this TOTY, as able-bodied as he is a able adversary for this year’s Golden Globes.

CF: Lionel Messi (Barcelona / Argentina), although Barcelona in this year’s almanac is not actual satisfactory, the achievement of Messi in the World Cup is amazing! He led Argentina access into the finals, although ultimately alone got the runner-up. Meanwhile, Messi has actual acceptable achievement in the UEFA Champions League, aswell bankrupt the almanac of goals.

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